February 8, 2016

Canadian Tuxedo

Remember that whole being sick for the entirety of 2016 issue that I've been dealing with? Apparently I just can't seem to catch a break because after only a few days of what seemed like good health, I ended up sick. Again.

Anyway, enough complaining... let's talk about this outfit for a second. You guys know I have a thing for western shirts (case in point). It's a little weird but, you see, I really had to get this denim shirt. And then it only made sense to pair it with jeans because every Canadian should rock a "Canadian tuxedo" at least once in their lives, right?

Shirt: Levi's (vintage wash and similar) / Jeans: Frame (here and here)
Shoes: Vince (here)

February 3, 2016

Birchbox (January 2016)

My experience with subscription beauty boxes in the past has been fairly disappointing -- that is, until I received my first Birchbox. As the original beauty subscription box company, they obviously know what they're doing and they do it very well.

Many of us Canadian beauty lovers rejoiced when the company finally started shipping here (up until recently, it was a US-only service). Sadly, however, it seems some good things must come to an end. Birchbox announced yesterday that it will be putting its Canadian operations on hold with the March boxes being the last one to ship. Due to the current exchange rate and the high cost of shipping in Canada, I guess the company had to make a tough business decision. If only our dollar wasn't doing so poorly... not only has it made online shopping and trips to the States ridiculously expensive, now we're losing Birchbox too!

Since I've still got my subscription for the next few months, I figured I'd continue to share my thoughts. At the very least, we've gotten a taste of what a quality subscription beauty box would look like and can cross our fingers for its return one day.

I, for one, am really going to miss the actual boxes, which come in different designs each month. As a sucker for cute packaging this is a huge plus in my books. I've been keeping mine to reuse and store things in because they're so nice to look at. January's box says "2016: The Year of ________" on the lid and inside are some stickers to choose from (think words like "strength", "fearlessness", "risks", and "joy" to really get us thinking about how we want to theme this new year.) Speaking of which, how is January already over?

Here's what came in this month's box:

BioRepublic Cucumber Breeze Soothing Fibre Mask. I love sheet masks because they're so easy to use for a quick skin refresher. This one was nice and cooling when I put it on and the fibre mask is a really nice quality (it's thicker/puffier than other sheet masks I've used). Afterwards, my skin felt refreshed so I think it did its job!

Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray. Since my hair is so fine, adding texture is key. I currently use dry shampoo for that but this blowout spray is a good option if I've just washed my hair and am going to be blowdrying anyway.

Whish Three Whishes Lavender Body Butter. This body butter is really nice; the formula is creamy but not too thick and it absorbs quickly. The lavender scent is calming and the sample size comes in handy since I travel so often for work.

too cool for school Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion. Ignoring the extremely weird name for a product, this is a cream glitter-based highlighter. I received it in #2 Baby Pink Clam, which is a super pretty gold-toned pink that reminds me a bit of NARS Orgasm Blush but in highlighter form (and of course, not nearly as pigmented).

TONYMOLY Tony Tint Delight in #2 Red. TONYMOLY is a Korean brand that I've heard a lot about but never tried before, so I'm glad tofinally get the chance thanks to Birchbox. Plus, how adorable is this tiny lip gloss tube? The actual product is a stain that dries matte and is great for getting that popular Korean gradient lip look.

January 28, 2016

OPI x Hello Kitty Nail Polish Collection

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Hello Kitty and, in fact, it's not uncommon for me to receive numerous Hello Kitty items for any gift giving occasion (cards, balloons, Pez dispensers, first aid kits, stationery, mugs, calendars, earphones, a toaster... you name it). What can I say? I'm easy to shop for. So when I caught word of the new OPI x Hello Kitty Nail Polish Collection I knew this was going to be my dream collaboration. I mean, it combines two of my favourite things: Hello Kitty + nail polish!

OPI sent me the collection to play with and I literally could not contain my excitement when it arrived. The bottles are standard OPI bottles with their famous Pro Wide brush, but also feature a white plastic cover on the tops with a repeating Hello Kitty face pattern. Honestly, the packaging is not really that special because the plastic feels kind of cheap... kind of like the clear plastic you remove from beauty products when you open them. However, it does distinguish the Hello Kitty polishes from the rest of my OPI bottles, which is important when you own as much nail polish as I do.

Where this collection really shines (for me personally, anyway) is the names. OPI is always super creative when it comes to nail polish names but I feel they really outdid themselves with the Hello Kitty Collection. Everything is so damn cute!

Kitty White, which is Hello Kitty's full name, is a pearlescent silver-white. I'm wearing 3 coats here and it applies well, although these metallic shades aren't my favourite to wear. For some reason they just seem very "bridal" to me.

Let's Be Friends (Hello Kitty loves making new friends, obvi) is a very pale pink, bordering on white creme. It wasn't the easiest to work with but is a nice, classic colour.

Small + Cute = ♥ (argh, how cute is the name of this nail polish?) is a sweet and simple light pink. It applied pretty well considering the fact that shades this light often cause trouble and I'm only wearing 2 coats in my swatch.

Super Cute in Pink is a fun hybrid formula of creme + jelly ("crelly") which means it looks kind of squishy (but isn't in actuality). I love the colour and the effect.

Starry-Eyed For Dear Daniel, named after Hello Kitty's boyfriend, is a magenta glitter with a lot of dimension and a somewhat gritty texture. Because of this, I'd recommend a top coat not only for a smoother effect but because without one it is prone to chipping. For a glitter, the polish is quite dense and was opaque in only two coats.

Spoken From The Heart is my favourite polish in the collection. It's a bright pinky coral that I already know I'm going to be wearing a ton this summer. Plus, it applied like a dream. This is only 2 coats.

5 Apples Tall is named after Hello Kitty's height (did you know she also weighs 3 apples? ... I know, it makes total sense to me too, haha). This one has a similar formula to Spoken From The Heart, which means it applies perfectly. I'm not a big fan of red nail polish but this a really good one. It really does remind me of a juicy apple!

My Twin Mimmy, named after Hello Kitty's twin sister who wears a yellow bow, is one of the fun pops of colour in this collection. I love yellows and the application for this one isn't that bad. Just make sure to wait between coats to avoid streaks.

My Pal Joey is named after Hello Kitty's little mouse friend who just so happens to be blue. This is another standout in the collection. Application was great, and you only need 2 coats to reach opacity.

Charmmy & Sugar, named after Hello Kitty's pet cat (because she's a little girl, not a cat, remember?) and pet hamster, is an interesting foil/glitter. It reminds me a bit of some of the polishes in Essie's 2013 Encrusted Treasures Collection which I know was not for everybody. I don't mind it... it kind of reminds me of cotton candy.

Never Have Too Mani Friends! (props to OPI for this clever play on words) is a straight up solid black. Always good to have one of these in the collection but if you already have a black this is nothing special. Unless you want the special packaging and the adorable name, of course!

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