October 10, 2019

Fitting Room Try-Ons: Nordstrom Halogen x Atlantic Pacific

The exclusive Halogen x Atlantic Pacific Collection dropped at Nordstrom this morning and while I don't typically go crazy over blogger collabs, there's no denying that Blair Eadie is one of the OG fashion bloggers with some seriously enviable style. I originally only went to Nordstrom to see if they had the polka dot tulle blouse but unfortunately, the Vancouver store didn't have it (they only got a small portion of the collection in). However, since I was there anyway I decided to take some fitting room pictures for my friend and figured I might as well share them here on my blog too.

The one and only piece I ended up purchasing was the Heart Jacquard Topper. I'll probably wear it as a light coat but I like that it could be worn as a dress too. It's very feminine with the flared skirt and the heart print is so cute!!

I also liked the Faux Fur Cuff Plaid Coat which Blair pairs with the matching pants in the lookbook as a super chic suit. I didn't buy it because it's not really my style but the pink faux fur cuffs are really soft and it gives off major Cher from Clueless vibes.

I was drawn to the It's In The Cards Sweater as well but once I tried it on I knew it was something I'd never wear. While the print is really fun, I just don't like to wear this much colour on an everyday basis. The sweater is really soft though and I can see it working for a lot of other people.

Last but not least, I decided to channel my inner Blair Eadie with this combo of Bow Collar Blouse and Full Organza Midi Skirt in Navy Plaid. This outfit looks amazing on Blair in the collection lookbook but I am apparently wayyyy too short for it and look absolutely ridiculous. I knew the skirt length would probably never work for me but I did want to like the blouse on its own because I love bows. Sadly, the shoulders were just too poufy for me.

Overall, the collection was very true to Blair's style and I thought the pieces looked and felt really nice in person. It's no surprise it's selling out fast so I'm glad I was able to get a little piece of it. Not really sure where I'm going to wear my new heart print topper but I'm sure I'll find something!

September 18, 2019

Zoya Fall 2019: Sensual Collection A

When I started my blog almost 10 years ago (OMG, where does the time go?!), it was mostly a way for me to share my obsession with nail polish. Pretty much all of my first posts were nail polish swatches and reviews! In the spirit of nostalgia, therefore, I'm throwing it back to my early days of blogging and sharing some of the polishes from the Zoya Fall 2019 Sensual Collection.

Back in the day, Zoya was really difficult to get ahold of here in Canada but now thanks to retailers like Nail Polish Canada, which sent over these polishes for me to play with, it's much easier for us Canadians to try out different brands. The Sensual Collection features 12 colours in total. Collection A, which I'm featuring today, is composed of neutrals and reds and Collection B is composed of purples and darker shades.

For those of you who have never tried Zoya before, the brand is known for its formula -- it's big 10 free but doesn't sacrifice quality. Not only is the staying power great, but all of the polishes were well pigmented and streak-free. Each swatch you see in this post is two coats.

Joss is a neutral pink crème. It's quite light but would be great to wear in a professional setting. I really liked it.

Kinsley is neutral brown crème. This is probably my least favourite of the shades from Collection A because I don't think it flatters my skin tone at all (kind of blends in like mannequin hands).

Foster is a neutral chocolate brown crème. This type of shade is not for everyone but I actually like a good brown nail polish in the Fall. This one looks super creamy and rich.

Briar is described as warm red crème but I actually find it leans on the dusty rose side. It's my favourite from this collection.

Margaret is a bright red crème. I found this a bit difficult to photograph because in the bottle it seems to have more pink in it. A red like this is a classic for Fall!

Rashida is a red shimmer. This is the type of shade I often associate with Christmas and it's the only one in Collection A that isn't a crème finish. Even though it's a bit early to think about, it would be nice for a holiday party!

Find the Zoya Fall 2019 Sensual Collection online at Nail Polish Canada.

June 24, 2019

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Nude Creme Liquid Lipsticks

You can't go wrong with a classic nude lip... it's the perfect complement to a "no makeup makeup" look or to pair with a bold eye. And now, thanks to the pros at MAKE UP FOR EVER, it's easier than ever to find your perfect nude with the new Artist Nude Creme liquid lipsticks. The line of shades was designed specially to match a wide range of skin tones. After all, what looks like a nude lip on me probably won't look the same on you!

I was very impressed with the range which really is quite inclusive... not just a bunch of lipsticks designed for pale skin. However, you don't need to stick to a classic nude that matches your skin tone if you don't want to -- the shades are all really nice and wearable.

MUFE sent me a couple to try out and I picked 01 (Uncovered), the lightest shade, and 09 (Pure), which is really targeted towards a darker skin tone. For reference in the swatches below, I am a little tan right now since it's summer and probably around a MAC NC25.

Make Up  For Ever Artist Nude Creme in 01 (Uncovered)

Make Up For Ever Artist Nude Creme in 09 (Pure)

I found the darker shade, 09 Pure, transferred rather easily and got on my teeth which was not a problem with the lighter shade, 01 Uncovered. I do think this can easily be fixed next time I wear it by using a lipliner and a two step blotting application process. Personally, however, I will probably get the most use out of 01 Uncovered since I tend to gravitate towards light peachy shades.

Conclusion: the Artist Nude Creme lipsticks are sooooo nice. They are extremely pigmented and opaque with a creamy, satin finish. Although they aren't glossy, there is a bit of a shine and they feel hydrating on the lips. At $25 CAN, I'd say these are in line with the type of quality you can expect from MUFE as well. Find the whole lineup at Sephora.

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