October 10, 2019

Fitting Room Try-Ons: Nordstrom Halogen x Atlantic Pacific

The exclusive Halogen x Atlantic Pacific Collection dropped at Nordstrom this morning and while I don't typically go crazy over blogger collabs, there's no denying that Blair Eadie is one of the OG fashion bloggers with some seriously enviable style. I originally only went to Nordstrom to see if they had the polka dot tulle blouse but unfortunately, the Vancouver store didn't have it (they only got a small portion of the collection in). However, since I was there anyway I decided to take some fitting room pictures for my friend and figured I might as well share them here on my blog too.

The one and only piece I ended up purchasing was the Heart Jacquard Topper. I'll probably wear it as a light coat but I like that it could be worn as a dress too. It's very feminine with the flared skirt and the heart print is so cute!!

I also liked the Faux Fur Cuff Plaid Coat which Blair pairs with the matching pants in the lookbook as a super chic suit. I didn't buy it because it's not really my style but the pink faux fur cuffs are really soft and it gives off major Cher from Clueless vibes.

I was drawn to the It's In The Cards Sweater as well but once I tried it on I knew it was something I'd never wear. While the print is really fun, I just don't like to wear this much colour on an everyday basis. The sweater is really soft though and I can see it working for a lot of other people.

Last but not least, I decided to channel my inner Blair Eadie with this combo of Bow Collar Blouse and Full Organza Midi Skirt in Navy Plaid. This outfit looks amazing on Blair in the collection lookbook but I am apparently wayyyy too short for it and look absolutely ridiculous. I knew the skirt length would probably never work for me but I did want to like the blouse on its own because I love bows. Sadly, the shoulders were just too poufy for me.

Overall, the collection was very true to Blair's style and I thought the pieces looked and felt really nice in person. It's no surprise it's selling out fast so I'm glad I was able to get a little piece of it. Not really sure where I'm going to wear my new heart print topper but I'm sure I'll find something!

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