February 8, 2019

Drugstore Highlighters You Need Right Now

Brands like BECCA have made a name for themselves in the highlighter world but the truth is, you can find some real gems at more affordable prices from tried-and-true drugstore brands like Revlon and CoverGirl too. I received these two palettes from the London Drugs #LDBeauty event I attended a few months back and if you can't live without that glow, you need to check them out!

Revlon Galaxy Dream Holographic Highlighting Palette | CoverGirl TruBlend Super Stunner Palette

The CoverGirl TruBlend Super Stunner Palette in "It's Lit" ($12.99 CAD) features three different highlighting powders that you can use alone or together for either a natural or dramatic look. This particular palette is targeted towards fair/light skin tones (there is another one called "Glowing Up" for medium/dark skin tones). My skin is more on the medium side so these shades are a little light for me but I can still make them work, especially during the Winter months when I don't have a tan.

Side note: is anyone else loving the CoverGirl rebrand? The logo and packaging are much more minimalist and I think they look great.

If you're a fan of texture like I am, you will probably love this CoverGirl palette. The powder feels buttery soft (is there anything more satisfying?), which makes for easy blending. The finishes also vary depending on the look you're going for; the far left is more of a subtle sheen whereas the far right one is for when you want that glitter bomb look without giant flecks of glitter all over the place. In my opinion, it's a nice and simple everyday palette.

For more experienced highlighter queens who want to go beyond your "basic" highlight, the Revlon Galaxy Dream Holographic Highlighting Palette ($19.99 CAD) is the one for you. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I first opened the packaging because on its face, the shades look pretty flat and bland in the pan. Was I ever wrong... 

Once swatched, I was totally shocked to see these highlighters come to life. Despite looking chalky, they were surprisingly blendable. Plus, they are made with duo chrome pearls for a multi-faceted, prismatic glow. Each shade looks a little different depending on which way you're facing in the light... the effect is truly incredible. The green-toned one seems like it might be hard to use on the daily, but if you're into the whole mermaid/unicorn look, these highlighters will get you there fast.

Find both of these palettes at your local drugstore and online at London Drugs.

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