November 9, 2018

MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Foundation

I have tried a few other foundations from MAKE UP FOR EVER (here and here) and each time my comments were the same: they didn't work for my oily/combination skin nor my preference for matte finish makeup. When I received the Matte Velvet Skin ($48 CAD) in the mail this summer, it seemed like the MUFE gods were finally answering my foundation prayers. But did it live up to the hype?

Short answer: sort of. I'll explain.

The Matte Velvet Skin foundation is a reformulation of MUFE's previous matte offering. It features FLEXI-FIT, the brand's exclusive technology for skin comfort and breathability. MUFE claims the new formula resists cracking so you won't look cakey and maintains a velvety finish for up to 24-hours (supposedly it's waterproof as well). It also comes in 40 shades which offers incredible choice for hard-to-match skin tones. 

I really like the texture of this foundation; it's not watery but not too thick either. I find it blends easily and is very buildable. The picture below was taken just after applying the foundation. As you can see, the coverage is medium to heavy (which for me means creating a flawless base but doesn't completely camouflage my freckles) and can be built up without looking unnatural. It also doesn't really feel like I'm wearing heavy foundation so I'd say the claims about Matte Velvet Skin being comfortable are pretty accurate and thankfully I haven't experienced any breakouts due to use.

Unfortunately, where I think this foundation falls apart is wearability. I've worn it to a workout and it didn't separate or melt off. However, for some reason, and I don't know if it's just my skin, but this simply doesn't stay matte... which for me, is kind of the whole point of using a matte foundation. I have tried primer underneath and topping it off with the MUFE Ultra HD Powder, as recommended by the pros, but am constantly blotting my nose throughout the day (where the foundation seems to have the worst time sticking). 

I note that the foundation does seem to remain velvety on the rest of my face but if you suffer from an oily T-zone like me I'd say be aware that this foundation probably will not stay matte "all day." I would recommend this for people with normal over oily/combination skin like mine. 

November 4, 2018

Korres Wild Rose 15% Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C has been popping up in skincare products for a number of years now and for good reason; it evens skintone, fights aging, and improves hydration. I've consistently kept some sort of Vitamin C product in my routine and my latest addition is this KORRES Wild Rose 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum.

KORRES is a Greek skincare brand inspired by homeopathic traditions and specializing in natural ingredients. I seem to recall it used to be sold in Canadian Sephora stores back in the day (I believe it is still sold in American Sephora stores) but is now carried exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. Their Wild Rose Brightening line is arguably their most popular, with this 15% Vitamin C Serum being the newest addition.

This bi-phase (oil and water) serum contains 15% Super Vitamin C, the highest concentration of clinically effective stabilized Vitamin C. This potent ingredient increases skin’s absorption of ascorbic acid by 1,000%. Other key ingredients include 10% Wild Rose Oil, Bisabolol & Ginger Root Extract, Vegetable Squalene, Pro-Vitamin V5, and Vitamin E. Together, this combination targets dark spots and discolouration, reduces fine lines, combats pollutants, and provides maximum moisture to the skin.

The product is comes in a glass bottle with a dropper applicator. It must be shaken before use due to its bi-phase nature and can be applied morning and/or night for an intensive treatment.

I've never been the biggest fan of rose scents but since this one contains no synthetic fragrances, you get a fresh rose scent that doesn't tickle the nose. I'm also kind of obsessed with how this serum feels on my skin. Upon first application it seems a little oily but it absorbs quickly leaving my face feeling ultra hydrated and "plumped". With regular use, my skin texture also appears to be improving and it hasn't caused any horrendous breakouts.

At $99 CAD/30 mL, the price is steep. However, a little goes a long way and I think the bottle will actually last quite a while. Find it online or exclusive at Shoppers Drug Mart (and collect those PC Optimum points with your purchase).

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