April 13, 2018

Sephora VIB Sale Wishlist

Today marks the first day of the VIB Rouge Sale at Sephora (15% off everything) and next Friday, the sale will open up to to VIBs (15% off everything) and BIs (10% off everything). I've been eagerly awaiting this sale since I've got quite a few items on my wishlist.

My skin has been less than stellar so I've become super obsessed with revamping my skincare routine. I'm especially looking forward to trying out the much-talked-about line, Drunk Elephant. The Littles Kit seems like the perfect way to try out their most popular products. I've also heard great things about the Kate Somerville EradiKate Foam-Activated Mask so am planning on popping that into my shopping bag as well.

Since GLAMGLOW masks are quite pricey, I'll be picking up the GLAMGLOW Let It Glow! Little Sexy Trio. To apply them (and my other face masks since I do love a good mask session), I also want the Origins Facial Mask Brush. I presently just use my fingers which gets messy.

I don't need any new makeup but I will be stocking up on my must-haves: Anastasia Brow Wiz and Kat Von D Ink Liner. I go through these every few months so it makes sense to nab a few extras now at a savings.

Lastly, I have loved Victor & Rolf BONBON for the longest time but never purchased it since I don't wear fragrances on a daily basis. The Victor & Rolf BONBON Travel Spray seems like the perfect way to get my fix of this sweet scent without having to invest in a full-size bottle.

April 3, 2018

FOTD: Revlon Photoready Insta-Filter Foundation & Exactify Liquid Liner

You may have seen the ads and articles promoting the graphic eyeliner trend as the hot new makeup look of the season. I'm personally unsure about it off-the-runway, but if you're wanting to try it out for yourself, Revlon's new Exactify Wheel Tip Liquid Liner is aimed at making it easy as pie. The applicator reminds me of a tiny pizza cutter and proved difficult to work with for my standard thick cat eye (would be good if you're making a thin line that you don't need to build up). The formula applies super wet so you have to make sure not to blink and get it everywhere but when it dries, it does become smudge-proof. I'm not sold on this liner but it certainly has a specific target demographic.

In addition to the liner, Revlon sent over some products to help me achieve a "Minimalist Graphic Goddess" FOTD. The focus is on simplicity -- effortless skin with an accentuated graphic glaze.

As a base, I used the new Revlon Photoready Insta-Filter Foundation which comes in a sponge tip applicator. I hate sponge tip applicators... there's really no way of keeping them clean when they are attached to the product and overall it just seems unsanitary. The sponge does apply the product really well since it's a bit like a Beauty Blender but, ugh, how am I supposed to clean it?? It's a shame too because I really like this foundation. It's not too heavy, coverage is nice, and the finish really does give the skin a soft filter effect.

I filled in my brows with Anastasia Brow Wiz and then topped them with the ColorStay Brow Mousse. If you have sparse brows like I do, there's no way of using this brow mousse alone because it won't fill them in. The applicator is also super finicky... you twist the base of the brush to dispense the mousse (it gets pushed through the brush tip) but you have to be careful not to dispense too much or you'll end up with globs of product.

On my lashes, I'm wearing the Mega Multiplier Mascara. I've heard this mascara is pretty hit or miss with some people loving it and others really hating it. I'm neutral; it worked fine for me and I do like the brush.

On my lips, I'm wearing Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon. Aside from the foundation (minus the sponge applicator), this was my favourite product. You can't go wrong with a good lipstick and I like both the colour and formula of this one. The Super Lustrous Lipstick is classic Revlon and there's good reason for it.

Lastly, gotta have a mani to match! I'm wearing the Nail Enamel in Copper Penny which was an easy two-coater.

Overall, it's nice that Revlon is trying to innovate with their products and offer more as a drugstore line but, for the most part, the innovations were a big fail to me (built-in sponge tip foundation applicator, wheel tip liner, twisty brush brow mousse). However, the product formulations themselves are good for the most part and you can't go wrong with classic Revlon in terms of quality and price.

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