June 12, 2017

Lipault Paris Launches in Vancouver at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet

As you guys know, I travel a lot for work. This means a lot of time spent at airports, on planes, and, of course, thumbing through the in-flight magazine when taking off and landing since you're not allowed to listen to your headphones or be on your laptop (side note: I wish domestic flights had a duty-free catalogue since I love looking through the makeup offerings). Anyway, all that to say, on a recent trip, I noticed an ad for Lipault Paris, a bag and luggage brand I'd never heard of before.

Then coincidentally, a few days after I returned home, I received an e-mail about that very same brand! Turns out they are opening their first-ever stand-alone boutique right here in Vancouver at the end of June.

Founded in Paris in 2005, the French line specializes in colourful and lightweight designs that are perfect for frequent travelers or those on-the-go. It reminds me a bit of Longchamp (which you know I love), but the focus seems more on travel-friendly accessories that you can mix and match or colour coordinate. I'm especially in love with their Miss Plume line right now... seriously, how gorgeous is the rose gold? Want.

It seems totally fitting that Lipault Paris is launching at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet since it's right by the airport and, of course, joins a whole host of other designer brands currently at the mall.  I can't wait to check out their new store and all my fellow Vancouverites, you should too!

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