May 23, 2017

Dermablend Professional Intense PowderCamo Foundation

I first read about Dermablend Professional in a magazine article many years ago. In it, the writer expounded on the products' amazing ability to cover up almost anything -- from varicose veins to birthmarks and tattoos. At the time, I remember thinking that I didn't have much use for such heavy coverage makeup but as it turns out, the line has a bit of something for everyone including those of us with more general skin concerns. It's also recently become available throughout Canada (there's a rather large display at my local Shoppers Drug Mart).

Since my main concern is dealing with uneven skin tone and covering the occasional freckle or two, the INTENSE PowderCamo Medium to Full Coverage Powder Foundation is a good pick for me. This one comes in a round matte black compact with a mirror and separated section for the applicator sponge. The Loose Setting Powder locks in the foundation, mattifying skin and leaving it with an all-over flawless effect. I should note that the powder comes with a weird overly puffy puff that I did away with in favour of a large powder brush. The instructions do say that you use the puff to apply powder then a separate brush to whisk the excess away. Dermablend Professional also has its own Long Wear Makeup Remover which easily removes long lasting makeup such as waterproof mascara, lip stains, and face/body foundations.

I spent a lot of time in the sun this past weekend as I was up at the cabin boating and stand up paddle boarding so I ended up slightly sunburnt despite my liberal application of sunscreen. As you can see below (left), my nose and cheeks got the worst of it. I also have quite a few more freckles than usual.

I applied the Dermablend Professional INTENSE PowderCamo in Toast all over and then topped it with the Loose Setting Powder in Cool Beige. The result is a pretty crazy, isn't it? All my redness is camouflaged... thanks to makeup alone. There's no photoshop here at all!

Dermablend claims that the PowderCamo foundation is buildable but not cakey or masky. It's definitely buildable and doesn't feel heavy on, but I personally think too much layering does result in almost "too perfect"-looking skin. I know I'm a big fan of matte makeup but this is more full coverage than I'm used to. I also found my skin fully greased up at the end of the day (common since I do have oily/combination skin) so powder touchups would be a necessity. For me, I don't think this will be an everyday foundation, but more a special occasion one... perhaps just for photographs when I need to look totally and completely flawless.

Find your perfect Dermablend Professional shade here.

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