March 26, 2017

Copper H2O Water Bottle

Call me a little bit strange but I like to collect water bottles. Since I work out a lot and try to drink tons of water throughout the day, having a cool water bottle has become a fun and easy way for me to accessorize while keeping hydrated at the same time. So, it totally seemed like kismet when Jessica from Copper H2O reached out to see if I wanted to try out their copper water bottle. She and her partner first discovered the use of copper as a water vessel while traveling in India and decided to bring the idea to the mass market. The result: something both stylish and full of health benefits!

Each water bottle is made with a hammered copper and features a leak-proof cap with a food-safe seal. Over time, the copper will patina (become darker and less shiny) but it can easily be brought back to its original looks by sprinkling a lemon wedge with a few grains of sea salt and rubbing it over the surface of the bottle.

Apart from aesthetics, however, a copper water bottle like this is also good for you. If you let your water sit in the bottle for a few hours, it becomes naturally alkaline which helps balance your body's pH levels. Jessica told me she's noticed over time that regular use has helped with digestion (I'm excited to see if this works for me). Plus, copper is anti-bacterial so the bottle is naturally sterilizing meaning you don't have to clean it as much as you do regular water bottles. I haven't noticed any metallic taste while drinking from my bottle; in fact, both tap and filtered water taste nice and clean.

If you're obsessed with water bottles like me (and even if you aren't!), you will absolutely love Copper H2O's copper water bottle (as of now, only available online). In addition to upping your style points while getting your daily recommended intake of H2O, it's awesome being able to support a local Vancouver company at the same time.


  1. Nothing wrong with collecting water bottles. At least you know they'll always come in handy! I love this one. It looks great.

  2. This is so pretty! Do you know if it will rust inside?


    1. Nope, it's not supposed to rust. The inside will patina naturally but it apparently has no effect on the quality of the water stored inside the bottle. I'll have to see if this is the case over time!


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