December 13, 2016

Lisa Q of Sweden Velvet Chokers & Bling Strings

Although I have been avoiding most of the 90s fashion resurgence with a few exceptions (my mini backpack, for example), I have to admit that I did jump back on the choker bandwagon. While I refuse to don one of those tattoo necklaces that were integral to my grade 6 wardrobe, there are some styles that I have actually really been loving.

Lisa Q of Sweden sent me a few chokers to style and I wanted to share them with you since they are a Canadian brand (based in Burlington, Ontario) and are super cute as well!

The Dazzle Velvet Choker ($32 CAD), which I received in Midnight Blue, is a thin velvet choker with silver plated metal rings. It ties on and you can wear it two different ways: with the rings showing for a glam look or turned around so it's just the velvet for a more understated look.

For something more casual, Lisa Q of Sweden offers Bling Strings which are basically faux suede cords that you can tie around your neck in all sorts of different combinations. They come in a variety of colours and lengths, as well as some with crystals and beaded adornments.

Above, I'm wearing the Glow Bling String ($15 CAD), which is the shortest length. It's still long enough to tie a bow though I personally prefer it worn the second way I've shown or flipped around so it looks like a simple cord.

I like how versatile and inexpensive these pieces are for something so on-trend. All of the brand's products are nickel, lead and cadmium free too which is great for someone with as many allergies as me. If you're looking for a last minute present for a fellow fashionista, shop online by Dec. 21 (Ontario) or Dec. 19 (rest of Canada) to get them in time for Christmas!


  1. love your chocker! xo! gorg!xO!


  2. that first choker is simply stunning! LOVE it!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Good picks! I got the No Chill one which is so awesome for parties! I'm still trying to figure out all the different ways I can tie the Bling String haha

    Raincouver Beauty


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