August 30, 2016

My Burberry Black

I've posted about the other iterations of My Burberry (see here and here), but the brand's latest perfume launch is something quite different.

My Burberry Black is inspired by the black Heritage Trench Coat (side note: Burberry trenches are so worth it; I have the classic in Honey) and is housed in a darker amber-coloured glass bottle with a dark-horned round cap inspired by the coat's distinctive buttons.

Do you also notice something cool about my bottle? It's monogrammed! Customers can personalize their bottles with up to three initials on or in select Burberry and wholesale stores. This would make a super special gift for someone.

As for the actual fragrance... I love it. Way more than the original, in fact. My Burberry has the signature rose scent which does carry through into this new iteration, but with additions of jasmine and peach nectar and base notes of amber patchouli. The result is less floral and more sweet which is what I tend to gravitate towards when it comes to perfume. If you prefer "candy" scents, this is a great alternative to My Burberry.

My Burberry Black is retailing for $102 CAD (50 mL)/$138 CAD (90 mL).


  1. Wow such dreamy packaging. I have Burberry Weekend and still adore that, so would love to try this. The monogrammed bottle is a cute touch. | Amy x

  2. That is a gorgeous bottle! I love floral sweet scents.

  3. This one is sooo strong but it is rather lovely. I feel so fancy whenever I wear it!


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