June 29, 2016

Leather Backpack

I have been adamantly against the mini backpack trend forever (I was super into them in the '90s and most give me flashbacks to being 9 years old) but I recently purchased a second bicycle and, unlike my city cruiser, it doesn't have a basket or any racks. This means it's much lighter and I can ride faster... but it also means there's nowhere to stash a purse and I personally feel kind of lopsided riding around with a purse over only one shoulder.

I opted for the Auxiliary De Bray Backpack from Aritzia because I liked the minimal aesthetic and vachetta leather (very Mansur Gavriel minus the higher price point). You guys, I'm gonna have to eat my words here because I'm kind of obsessed. What was initially supposed to be mainly a "biking backpack" has now become an everyday handbag for me. I haven't carried a backpack since high school and I forgot what it felt like to have my arms so free!

Top: Oak + Fort / Jacket: NOUL / Jeans: J Brand (similar or in white)
Shoes: Miu Miu (here) / Backpack: Auxiliary (Aritzia)
Sunglasses: Polette (c/o) / Necklace: Couturist

P.S. How good are these grey reflective sunnies from Polette? Polette offers such a great range of stylish eyewear at very inexpensive prices, and right now you can get 10% off anything in their e-shop using the code "Lucky" (excluding e-polette and sales).


  1. I've never considered owning a backpack since I wore them to death in the nineties, but this one, this one is SO good! Looking gorgeous, girl! xo

    Girl & Closet

  2. Well if I had a cute backpack like this, I wouldn't be opposed to wearing them either! I love this one! Definitely not your typical backpack. You look so city chic :}

  3. Fantastic Accesories.

  4. OMG, the mini back pack. I had a Mickey Mouse one in high school!


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