May 27, 2016

OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass Nail Polish Collection (Brights 2016)

Apart from OPI x Hello Kitty, my other hotly anticipated collection from OPI this year was Alice Through the Looking Glass... and now it's here in all of its gloriousness!

Alice In Wonderland has been a favourite book of mine since childhood and longtime readers of my blog may recall that some of my first posts were actually swatches from the original OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection (see herehere, and here). Six years later, we've finally got the sequel to Disney and Tim Burton's creepy-crazy movie being released (today!) and a whole new collection of nail polish as well. Obviously, I'm dying of excitement.

Interestingly, Alice Through The Looking Glass is supposed to be OPI's Brights Collection for this year which, as you'll see from the swatches below, doesn't seem quite accurate? I mean, some of the shades are bright but half of them aren't really at all.

Oh My Majesty! is a gorgeous pearly white. I don't typically like shades like this (they always seem very bridal to me) but this one seems to be an exception. It's so pretty with flecks of gold that show when you tilt your nails to the light. You'll need three coats for complete opacity.

I'm Gown For Anything! is a creamy lilac. I found it a bit streaky on the first few coats but the third coat levelled out the polish.

The I's Have It is a pretty powder blue cream. I like this shade a lot and it was pretty easy to work with. This is three coats.

Hmm... how to describe A Mirror Escape? With the last Alice In Wonderland collection, OPI had some interesting glitters so I feel like this might be their "crazy" polish for this collection. It's a gold with white sandy glitter that leaves your nails with a bumpy texture. I'm not really a fan personally.

Fearlessly Alice is what I would consider quintessential Alice In Wonderland since it matches the blue on Alice's dress. I love this shade and it was perfectly opaque in only two coats.

You can't have an Alice In Wonderland collection without a classic red. Having A Big Head Day is just that. It applies like a dream; this is two coats but I could have gotten away with one if I was feeling lazy.

What's The Hatter With You? is a rich burgundy (reminds me a lot of Nails Inc. NailKale in Holland Walk. It does stain the nails a bit though so I'd recommend a base coat.

Mad For Madness Sake is my favourite colour from this collection. It's a hot raspberry pink that's just perfect for summer.

In addition to the above eight limited edition colours, OPI has also released a special edition polish that comes in its own separate packaging. The company describes What Time Isn't It? as a "matte black with slivers of silver" but this is definitely not matte black. It's clearly grey. I don't like bar glitters (fuzzy muppet, anyone?) so I'm not a fan of this one.


  1. These colors are all so gorgeous, love the fearlessly Alice! Xx

  2. Replies
    1. It's such a weird polish, even a topcoat won't get rid of the strange texture!

  3. This collection is beautiful for spring and summer! I personally love the icey whites and creamy lilac xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  4. I love the look of this but it's a shame there aren't more glitters. I'm with you on the long glitters and I don't like anything which gives the nail a weird texture. | Amy x


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