March 14, 2016

Here & Now Botanicals

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love and rave about aromatherapy. I have nebulizers both at work and home, and when those aren't in use I can often be found spritzing the air or rollerball-ing myself with any number of essential oils. That's why I was so excited when Jessica from Here&Now Botanicals asked me if I'd like to try some products from her local aromatherapy skincare line (small batches made right here in East Van).

The name might actually sound familiar to you because I was first introduced to Here&Now Botanicals in my November 2015 Vancity Box. The Sweet Sassafras Aromatherapy Spray has even become a bedside staple for me which I often spritz on my pillows before bed. Since November, the brand has also gone through a bit of a makeover. The bottles and labels now have a minimalist-chic apothecary vibe -- if that's even a thing... I may have just made it up!

Jessica sent over a few of her best-sellers and if you are a fan of aromatherapy as well, you'll definitely want to get your hands on these yourself.

Whether you're in school or working, it can sometimes be hard to kick the urge to procrastinate. The Stay Focused Aromatherapy Mist, a lemon-y herbal scent, helps improve focus and boost memory. To use, simply mist into the air and inhale or you can spray it directly on your body like a body spray.

For rollerball aficionados, Here&Now Botanicals has a number of custom blended essential oils that can be used for different purposes. She Aromatherapy Oil is made specifically for us ladies and can be used to relieve pain from cramps, and for general hormone balancing effects. For relief of stress and anxiety (something I often need help with), Uplift Aromatherapy Oil features a delightful blend of citrus and neroli.

Here&Now Botanicals can be found online or in select stores.


  1. relieve pain from cramps? YES please!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. The cramps one sounds cool! I've been using her Jasmine and lavender one and it is just so heavenly.

  3. I love aromatherapy too! I love therapy in general LOL. And scent is a huge part of how we feel! I often carry lavender scented oil with me so that I can put some on when I'm feeling really stressed.

    1. Ooh, good call! I have different oils at work and home but you never know when you might need a pick-me-up while on the go. I think I might have to start carrying around one in my purse too!

  4. I love beauty oils x

  5. I got the stay focused mist too and love the smell. The "she" oil sounds great haha it would be great even to have a "placebo" that cramps are gone.

    Raincouver Beauty

  6. Relieving cramps? Sounds great to me!!

  7. I carry aromatherapy oils with me on the plane. I have this little apothecary going on just before take-off!


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