January 5, 2016


Happy New Year! Things are already getting back into full swing in work/life so I'm glad I took a little time to recharge over the holidays. Of course, it was also nice to fully enjoy some of my more casual clothing... as you know, I am a huge fan of the athleisure look (see here and here, for example). While dressing up is fun, sometimes you just want to be super comfy for those weekend brunches and long sunny walks along the Seawall.

P.S. Yes, I totally chopped off a bunch of hair!

Parka: TNA (Aritzia) / Tee: Lululemon / Sweatshirt: Adidas
Sweatpants: Wilfred Free (Aritzia) / Shoes: Nike (here)


  1. Love these pictures! You look so beautiful. It is definitely strange getting back in the swing of things. Life is almost back to normal!

  2. I like the new hair! Or what I can see if it lol It makes you look so different!

    1. Thanks, J! I am still getting used to it since both the new colour and cut are so different... I was getting annoyed with the length so I asked my stylist to just chop it all off. Good thing hair grows back!

  3. great look :) and your hair looks lovely!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Welcome back and Happy New Year Alison! I wish I could look this cute in casual clothing! BTW, the hair looks amazing girl!


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