August 25, 2015

Grey Hair + New MAKE UP FOR EVER Releases (Ultra HD Foundation & Pro Bronze Fusion)

First things first -- surprise, I have grey hair! I have been trying to achieve this silver/grey look for a while now (you may recall my most recent attempt), and I'm so happy my stylist and I were finally able to reach my "goal" hair. Unfortunately, silver/grey hair is incredibly difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to maintain (you need to tone it every couple weeks, be careful about over-washing, etc.) so this will sadly be a short-lived look for me. 

Secondly, MAKE UP FOR EVER has been killing it with their releases this year so I wanted to put together an entire look featuring their products, including some exciting new ones. 

In particular, the new Ultra HD Foundation is the company's latest innovation and an update to their iconic HD Foundation. The formula is meant to be so seamless it can't be detected by cameras, many of which are starting to feature new 4K technology for extreme detail and clarity. The foundation comes in a staggering 40 shades but even if you're a bit off in picking the right shade for your skin tone, they  do blend really well. I find the consistency much more watery than I am used to and the coverage is sheer to medium with a finish that is neither dewy not matte. If you like lightweight foundations, this is a great option but I don't think this will be an everyday foundation for me as I have oily skin and prefer a heavier matte look. If your skin tends to get oily, this also doesn't have any mattifying properties (although it is oil-free). I personally like to wear MUFE's Step 1 Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer underneath, which is currently my go-to primer.

To add some colour to this makeup look, I applied a blend of Pro Bronze Fusion, MUFE's new bronzer line, in Sand (20M) and Cinnamon (25I). This bronzer has a unique gel-powder formulation and a wavy surface pattern specially designed for optimal powder pick-up. I typically use a MAC 187 Duo Fibre brush to apply my blush and bronzer but that won't work for this product since it's not a dry powder. Instead, a dense kabuki brush like the 136 Pro Bronze Kabuki Brush is perfect for picking up and depositing colour precisely.

I wanted to add a bit of drama to my eyes so I opted for a layered cat eye featuring the Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-On Eye Shadows in Diamond Light Turquoise (D-21) and Matte Black (M-11). The sharp points make it easy to get a precise line and I love that there is a built-in sharpener in the bottom of the pencil. These shadows are incredibly pigmented and don't budge at all. They were actually a bit difficult to remove but thankfully nothing a little cleansing oil can't help with.

On my lips, I'm wearing the Aquarouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color in Cool Candy Pink (21). I usually don't like long-wearing stain/balm combos but this product is definitely an exception. The pink colour is applied with a doe-foot applicator and it didn't feel tight as it dried like a lot of other similar products I've tried. The best part, however, is the clear gloss that goes on top. It's super shiny and not sticky at all, making for a really comfortable wear. I wore this lip all day and it held up really well so I was very impressed.


  1. I love it! Your hair looks fantastic. And this makeup look is stunning as well.I love that pop of colour.

  2. Oooooooo I'm so excited for my regular HD foundation to run out so I can buy the Ultra version. I'm actually surprised that they have discontinued the regular HD so quickly, but I guess that must mean this is where technology in makeup is going. I love the looks of the bronzers too! I'm a big MUFE girl so I just cannot wait to try their new things.

    And the grey hair looks great on you. Not everyone can pull it off but you can!

    1. I'm curious to know how they compare because I've actually never used the original HD foundation. You'll have to let me know!

  3. We need more shots of just the hair! This is such a daring look, but it goes perfectly with your new do.

    1. I have one on Instagram here! Will try and feature it in an upcoming outfit post too :)

  4. Loving blue eyeliner for summer! U can also try blue mascara, it shows d color so much more better! Love ur whole makeup!
    Much love!


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