June 18, 2015

OPI Brights 2015 Nail Polish Collection

With the official start of summer coming up this weekend (and Father's Day, of course!), it's time for us all to change up our nail polish game by injecting fresh pops of colour and fun finishes. That's why the OPI Brights 2015 Nail Polish Collection is sure to appeal this season.

I was sent all 9 shades in the collection to play with so I decided to have another swatch party. Included: Hotter Than You Pink, Can't Hear Myself Pink, The Berry Thought of You, Down to the Core-al, I STOP for Red, I Sea You Wear OPI, My Car Has Navy-gation, Pinks and Needles, and Life Gave Me Lemons. (As an aside, whoever gets to name OPI nail polishes must have one of the funnest jobs...)

Hotter Than You Pink is a re-promote from last year's Neons Collection. It's a neon pink with a subtle shimmer. The first coat applies a bit sheer, but the above swatch is 2 coats so it does level out. I kind of think of this as a "Barbie pink" shade and I really like it.

Can't Hear Myself Pink is a metallic cool-toned pink. It's a bit too metallic for my tastes (very shimmery) but the formula is nice.

The Berry Thought of You is a berry creme that leans more on the pink side than purple. It's pretty similar to Dim Sum Plum though not an exact dupe, but you probably don't need both unless you're a hardcore nail polish addict!

Down to the Core-al is another re-promote from Neons 2014. Since my bottle of Essie California Coral is now too lumpy to use, this will be replacing it as my new staple coral. Note, however, that they are not dupes as Down to the Core-al has a bit of shimmer.

I STOP for Red is a red creme that leans very slightly orange. It has a bit of a jelly-like consistency but the colour is very similar to Off With Her Red! from the Alice in Wonderland Collection (and probably many other reds as well... it's a very classic shade).

I Sea You Wear OPI is a metallic blue with hints of silver iridescent shimmer. It's quite pretty if you like metallics.

My Car Has Navy-gation is a navy blue creme. This one has a bit of a weird formula; it applied quite sheerly the first coat and required 3 coats to reach opacity. Plus, although it looks very shiny in my swatch (I'm not wearing a top coat), the first coat dried oddly flat.

Pinks and Needles features pink hexagonal and round glitters of varying sizes suspended in a clear polish. I didn't think I was going to like this but I thought it looked pretty cool over the dark blue base. Not a combination I would typically wear but I am planning on sporting it again soon.

Life Gave Me Lemons is yet another re-promote from last year's Neons and also my favourite polish in this collection. It's a chartreuse creme that applies well, giving the nails that perfect pop of summertime colour.


  1. Love the colours, so bright and fun! The Berry thought of you has to be my favourite :)

    Pam Scalfi♥

  2. AnonymousJune 18, 2015

    Love the colours! <3 love that yellow!
    Chloe xx

  3. Love the navy one and surprised the yellow has so much color payoff! I've never had good luck with yellows but this one looks great! And holy that must have been a long swatch party haha, I'd never have the patience! Good for you. :)

    Raincouver Beauty

    1. It took sooooo long, haha. And I think it helps that Life Gave Me Lemons leans green. Yellows are always hard for me too!


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