May 6, 2015

OPI SoftShades 2015 Nail Polish Collection

Despite gravitating towards slightly more adventurous colours, I've always had a soft spot for neutral nail polishes (see, for example, this 2010 review of my much beloved OPI Bubble Bath). I do also prefer to keep things toned down when I have to go to court or meet with clients. Enter: the new OPI SoftShades Collection for 2015.

OPI typically releases some sort of soft shade collection every spring, and this year's consists of six polishes: Put in in Neutral, Petal Soft, Act Your Beige!, Make Light of the Situation, and This Silver's Mine! I was lucky enough to be sent the whole collection so I thought I'd have a little swatch party with them.

Put it in Neutral is a sheer pale pink that can be layered for a more opaque look (I am wearing 3 coats). If you want to add a little sheen to your nails, you could try using just 1 coat but would need to be careful with the application to avoid streaking.

Petal Soft is a clear glitter top coat featuring pink and white regular and hexagonal glitters, as well as larger flower-shaped decals. I'm wearing it here over Put it in Neutral and I just love how it looks! If you have very curved nail beds, the flowers are quite thick so they might not lay flat against your nails (thankfully I don't have that problem). Petal Soft is an almost exact dupe of the Sephora Formula X Cherry Blossom Top Coat as well, in case you missed out on it.

Act Your Beige! is described as a light beige though I found it leaned more on the white side. Sadly, it applies quite sheer and streaky. I'm wearing 3 coats here and you can see it's still a bit patchy and uneven.

Chiffon My Mind is a shimmery white. It was a bit streaky to work with but if you're patient, the result is just gorgeous. I love wearing white nail polish (case in point) and this is a nice alternative to my usual flat white nails.

Make Light of the Situation is an iridescent silver glitter top coat that seems to have some blue-ish or holo-type glitters mixed in. It's more multi-dimensional than one of my other favourite glitter top coats, China Glaze Fairy Dust, and looks especially great over Chiffon My Mind as I'm wearing it here.

This Silver's Mine! is a pearlescent silver and unfortunately my least favourite of the polishes in this collection. Frosts are notoriously difficult to work with and this one is no exception... no matter what I tried, I could not avoid the streaks. It looks a lot worse close-up as I'm sure no one would really notice once it's on your nails but I'm still not a fan.


  1. It's a shame about the silver shade....but it does look beautiful despite the streaks!

    1. Despite how streaky it is, I do think it's pretty. Over all the collection was a big hit for me!

  2. I find that OPI light colors are usually quite sheer and hard to work with. Petal Soft looks so cute! I used to have this one called "I'm a Princess, You're Not' and it was a really cute pink!

    Raincouver Beauty


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