May 28, 2015

Guerlain Météorites Oxygen Booster Care and Rainbow Pearls

To me, Guerlain has always been that one luxurious cosmetics brand that I fawn over at the counter but have never owned. The Météorites range, in particular, has frequently caught my eye -- in large part due to the gorgeous light-diffusing pearls featured in most of its products.

This summer, there are a number of exciting new releases within the Météorites line, two of which I was lucky enough to be sent for review: the Météorites Oxygen Care Moisturizer & Radiance Booster (on counter June 15) and the Météorites Rainbow Pearls (available now).

The upcoming Météorites Oxygen Care Moisturizer & Radiance Booster ($80) features O2 Light, which helps encourage the skin's natural light receptors. Stardust technology creates a "perfecting halo" on the skin, fading away any lines and imperfections. The radiance is immediately evident (as you can see from the swatch below) and though I personally prefer a matte complexion even I was astounded by the resultant glow. If you are a fan of dewy, glowy skin then you will love this moisturizer.

The cream feels like a hybrid gel-creme formula and doesn't feel too rich to apply morning and night, as recommended.

Guerlain typically releases special edition versions of its Pearls each year and this summer, you can look forward to the Météorites Rainbow Pearls (buy here). Housed in a beautiful round tin that will pretty up any vanity, these light-revealing powder pearls are seriously breath-taking (I'm aware this seems like a weird word to use to describe makeup but in this case I swear it's true).

Unlike basic highlighters, the Météorites Pearls feature specially selected colours that, when blended together, work both to colour correct and illuminate the skin. The Rainbow Pearls have a bit more shimmer/glitter than other Pearls which is something to be aware of if you're considering purchasing them. It won't look like a glitter bomb has exploded all over your skin thankfully, but if you look closely you can detect very tiny specks of glitter.

Overall, I adore both of these products, with one caveat -- the scent. Guerlain's signature violet fragrance is quite heavy, very powdery and what one might call "mature". Though there is no denying its distinctiveness, it's a bit much for my personal preference as I am quite sensitive to strong scents. Nonetheless, it won't stop me from using these products... I mean, have you seen them? They are far too pretty not to!


  1. Ohhh the pearls look incredibly nice but I think the smell would put me off :/

    Pam Scalfi♥

  2. The oxygen boost looks divine! I agree about this's one I've never tried because it's so expensive, but it definitely does look very luxurious.

  3. Okay the pearls look SO so pretty. They are almost too gorgeous to use!

  4. Omg both of these products sound amazing! Everything Guerlain makes is so beautiful.

  5. Those pearls are so pretty! I love the look of them, I'd almost want to keep them out in like a glass jar because they are so pretty - hahaha!

    Bree || The Urban Umbrella

  6. Hadn't heard of this before!! Sounds so great though. Thanks SO much for sharing! I need this :)

    xo, mikéla /

  7. those are so pretty!! :D nice shades!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  8. These look so gorgeous and the packaging is really pretty too :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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