March 11, 2015

Even Blonder thanks to Hype Hair Studio

In my last hair update, I mentioned that I wanted to go even blonder on my next salon visit so I couldn't believe my luck when the kind people at Hype Hair Studio offered to help me make this "dream" a reality. A sunny Saturday later, off I headed to their salon, conveniently located in my neighbourhood of Kitsilano (and also a block away from one of my favourite brunch places, The Oakwood Canadian Bistro... yum).

When I arrived, I met JP who was my stylist for the day. She made me feel immediately at ease and we got to work discussing the plan for my hair. I had a very specific idea in mind of what I wanted to do: bring the blonde up  higher since my hair has been growing out and get the tips as white as possible. JP understood what I was looking for and did what she could to achieve this. In the end, my tips were exactly the white blonde I wanted. However, because we had to bleach my natural hair colour closer to the roots, it turned out more golden at the top since dark hair carries red/orange undertones. While this adds dimension since there's a colour gradation I know another session will be necessary to fix the brassiness and get it to the more ashy tone I prefer (side note: I have actually been debating going back to brunette so whether or not this happens remains to be seen).

Since embarking on my blonde journey I've gotten used to how long the entire process takes (about 3 hours) because it requires bleach and toner, plus the cut and style. Thankfully JP was easy to talk to and I was also provided with magazines and drinks while I waited for the colour to set.

For the cut, I didn't want to lose too much hair so I just got a simple trim into a long bob. I'm finding my hair looks better curled than straight right now (unfortunately this is not so good for late mornings when I don't have time to style my hair) but JP was kind enough to give me some styling tips, even letting me practise with her flat iron.

Hype Hair Studio recently won Gold in Westender's Best of the City readers choice survey for the third year in a row, which doesn't surprise me one bit. The salon space is very warm and inviting with lots of windows and natural light, and all the stylists seemed highly skilled (while I was there, I witnessed a whole range of services going on around me from colour, cuts, and styling to even a perm). It's definitely a good place to check out if you're looking to get your hair done in Vancouver!


  1. your ombre is so pretty! a good hair stylist is key :)

  2. It looks gorgeous! And so natural too. The color is perfect, no easy feat!

  3. This is stunning, love the ombre!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Very very nice color! I believe the sun (once it hits Canada) will add it's natural kiss to the whole look as well!:)

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

    1. Thankfully we've gotten our warm weather early on this side of Canada so I'm definitely starting to feel the same :)

  5. Woah, your hair is so pretty! Love the color and the ombré, a lot!

    xo @ Naomi in Wonderland

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous and the salon sounds really good!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. Wauw, your hair looks so great!
    Btw I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin', I hope you like my blog as well!


  8. Your hair looks great. That's a nice ombre look with your blonde and black shade.

    Jessica |


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