October 22, 2014

LUSH Cosmetics Halloween 2014

I've been posting about LUSH Cosmetics' Halloween collections for the past few years (see 2011, 2012, and 2013) so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I was excited to see what was new for 2014. Here are just a few offerings you should check out -- and be sure to get to them quick since they're limited edition...

Clockwise from left: Lord of Misrule, Sparkler Bath Bomb, Sparkling Pumpkin Bubble Bar

I wrote about  the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb ($7.95 CAD) last year and apparently it was such a fan favourite that it's back again this year (though there does appear to be a $2 price increase). Featuring the world's first Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, this bath bomb dissolves slowly to reveal a wine-coloured centre and popping candy. Add in a combo of spicy black pepper oil and soothing patchouli and it's a great treat for cold nights.

The new Sparkler Bath Bomb ($6.95 CAD) differs from LUSH's typical spherical bath bombs with its rod-like shape. Its centre is filled with gold glitter and popping candies so it creates the sound and appearance of exploding fireworks as it dissolves. Fun!

Also new for Halloween 2014 is the Sparkling Pumpkin Bubble Bar ($7.95 CAD). It reminds me a lot of the of Golden Egg bath bomb that was out this Easter since it's covered in PET-free gold luster. Unlike Golden Egg's caramel scent, however, this bubble bar is fragranced with Orange Flower Absolute, Blackcurrant Absolute, Juniper Berry and Lime Oils for a more citrus-y kick.


  1. I've been into Lush twice this week but failed to pick up any of these beauties! The sparkler sounds so cute, I will have to pop back and get one of those! Love the blog :)

    Alice ¦ Always, Alice x

  2. That sparkly one looks fun!

    xo T.


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