April 15, 2014

Reader Reviews: Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel

Last month, I shared my thoughts on the new Skintimate® Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel and offered some of my readers the chance to test out the product for themselves. They've been sending me their reviews over the past few weeks and it's pretty clear that this new shave gel is a big hit! Here's what they had to say:

I have used [the Mandarin Burst Shave Gel) a few times since receiving it and I really like it. Just a little bit of the gel foams up into a thick, rich lather that is easy to apply. My legs were left feeling soft and smooth with no irritation at all. I also love the smell of the Shave Gel. It has a lot of citrusy fragrance which I love. I would definitely purchase this in the future.
- Brenda

The Skintimate moisturizing shaving gel product was a pleasure to review! Luscious and refreshing! Skintimate moisturizing shave gel gave me a perfect divine shave. A great smooth and silky texture with a fresh spring scent. Only a very small amount turned into a terrific foam! What a cost saver. It left my skin feeling very well moisturized and soft and it had an unbeatable razor protection. The gel was very soothing and the Mandarin Burst scent was a luxurious scent that lasted for a while. As a first time user of this brand, I am now hooked!
- Amy

I have been complaining for what seems like forever about this winter. It has been harsh and drying on every part of my body. Lately, I saw some hopeful glimpses of Spring and my heart went all aflutter - until I realized... My legs are not the least bit ready!

To say I've been neglecting them since before the snow fell, would be a complete understatement. Shaving only when I absolutely had to, moisturizing on the rare occasion and exfoliating when I could bring myself to. My legs retaliated by becoming dry and prickly and are now begging for some moisturizing attention S.T.A.T!

I am equipped with a pair of handy dandy exfoliating gloves, a brand new blade in my razor and Skintimates Signature Scents Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel - I think I am adequately prepared! My husband thought his suggestion of the possible need for some hedging shears was pretty witty - I thought it was a bit of an exaggeration... :)

After a little exfoliation TLC I'm ready to put Skintimate's shave gel to the ultimate test. Mandarin Burst is the newest scent in Skintimates Signature Scents collection and it is a wonderful mixture of fresh mandarin, lemon, limes & maybe a touch of something a little floral. The blend of citrus is sure to be a great start to your morning shower routine it is bright and refreshing. Just a little shave gel turns into a foamy, rich lather that I can immediately feel the 6 moisturizers (including antioxidant Vitamin E and Olive Butter) soaking into my parched skin. One of the reasons I like to use a shaving gel is so I can make little paths with each swipe of the razor. This way I know exactly where I've shaved, it also helps protect from those little nicks and cuts that inevitably happen especially near that pesky ankle area! My legs feel soft and smooth and my heart is aflutter once again.

I finish the whole process by rubbing in an extra layer of cream on and then tada! my legs are almost shorts worthy. I might need to apply a little self tanner on though, if only not to blind my neighbors when the sun reflects off my pale, albeit smooth, hydrated, moisturized legs. ;)

I love the scent of the new Skintimate shave gel - it smells absolutely delicious! I also found that it was very hydrating and left my skin very soft. I will be purchasing some again. :)
- Donna

I received a Skintimate® Signature Scents® Mandarin Burst shave gel in the mail today and was so excited to try it. Shaving is part of my daily routine so having a gel that was tailored for women is always appreciated. I am all about the scent of products, and this scent was gentle and refreshing. A scent that will give me that energizing boost I need in the morning. I liked the nice pink colour, as well as the creamy lather the gel had. I find my skin can be very dry and itchy, and this gel has the moisturizing content I need to help with both these issues. The Skintimate® Signature Scents® Mandarin Burst gets five stars from me, I will definitely continue to use this product.
- Lori

The Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel has a clean citrusy scent that's very fresh and invigorating. The gel formula is incredibly easy to apply in an even layer - a lot easier than any other shaving gels I've tried! It doesn't get lumpy at all. While it coats my legs evenly, it's not too thick to be easily removed with one swipe of the razor. Result: no messy shaving! The scent of the shaving gel lingered on my skin after shaving, and it left my legs incredibly smooth. I always have razor bumps after shaving my legs, but I'm happy to say my legs were bump free after using this gel!
- Annick

It has been a few years since I have last used a shaving gel so I was excited to try it. I didn’t stop because I didn’t like them it was more that I didn’t have time to use it anymore – showering time is at a premium with 2 kids now.

I have used it twice this week and my favorite part is the scent. It was so refreshing.

Pros: The smell. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft. I like that it comes out as gel and foams up. A little goes a long way. The SMELL!

Cons: The metal can – I wish the bottom wasn’t metal because it tends to rust when left in the shower. I found that once it foamed it seems to run off my leg fairly quickly so I had to shave fast.

Overall, I would recommend the product.
- Angie

The Skintimate Signature Scents Mandarin Burst shave gel comes in a very colourful can that is eye-catching. It would catch my attention on a shelf with other shave gels. The product dispenses easily and evenly. I enjoyed the citrus smell of this shave gel. It's subtle and not too over-powering. The shave gel lathers up into a nice, rich lather. While shaving, my razor just glided over my skin giving me a close shave. I usually just use soap when I'm shaving and I realized how much better this shave gel was. There was no tugging or pulling of my skin like I sometimes get with soap and the areas I shaved felt soft and moisturized. Overall, I was very impressed with this shave gel and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others!
- Amy

The first thing that jumps out at me is the scent! It's so delicious and absolutely perfect for spring/summer. It's sweet but also fruity, citrusy and refreshing. The pump helps to dispense the gel and the gel foams very nicely without much effort. This shave gel helps me to get a closer shave so I am not left with a stranded hair! Overall it made my shaving experience easier, more fun, and more luxurious.
- Angela

I have used Skintimate shave gels before and I would purchase them again so it was nice to try this new scent. The mandarin scent is definitely nice. I like how it smells refreshing. This shave gel produces a nice lather and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized.
- Tina

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