October 22, 2013

LUSH Halloween 2013

I look forward to LUSH Cosmetics' Halloween Collection every year (see my posts from 2011 and 2012) so I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when a new box of goodies arrived in my mailbox this month.

As part of its limited edition Creatures of the Baaaaaath Collection, LUSH has introduced two new bath products that fans will definitely want to get their hands on:

Fragranced with orange flower absolute and ylang ylang oil, Pumkin Bubble Bar ($5.95 CAD) is the autumnal cousin of the Mother's Day Mumkin Bubble Bar. A cute little pumpkin topped with a candy leaf and licorice stem, this bubble bar colours your bath orange and creates mounds of frothy bubbles.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb ($5.95 CAD) features Fair Trade vanilla absolute layered with a spicy blend of patchouli and black pepper oil to warm you up on chilly nights. As it fizzes away, the bath bomb reveals a wine coloured interior and popping candy surprises.

Plus, there are also a few year-round favourites that might make for fun Halloween treats:

Demon in the Dark Soap ($7.95/100 g) is an interesting-looking soap wrapped in a layer of black wax (which you have to remove before you use). It's got a more "masculine" scent of peppermint, spearmint, and clove that is quite invigorating and fresh.

Packed with oats, lavender, sandalwood, and cocoa butter, Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt ($8.45 CAD) is intended to calm and soothe irritated, sensitive skin. This product is especially great for these cooler months when skin tends to be more dry.

Find all of these products online or in-store now.


  1. That pumpkin is too cute!


  2. Aww love the cute little pumpkin one.

  3. aaah the pumpkin one is cute, would be sad to use it, but sounds yummy!
    ❤Amanda | feast.fashion.faves

    1. Haha, I always feel that way about using cute things too!

  4. I love when Lush does holiday products!

    1. Me too! They always come up with incredibly creative ideas for products.

  5. There's a lush right by my work! I'll have to go check out their halloween stuff!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. Okay I havent been to lush in awhile so I gotta go check them out in person!

  7. This makes me wish I had a lush close by... I would be shopping there all the time! I really should use up my old bath bombs and get some fun ones :D !! The pumpkin bubble bar is super cute! And I've always wanted to try their soaps!

  8. Aww the pumpkin ones looks kinda cute! I've always wanted to try the bath bombs from Lush but it's a shame I never take baths... my bathtub is quite small for someone with long legs ahaha

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  9. The pumpkin one is super cute! I love LUSH products!

    I'm now following you on GFC and BlogLovin' and hopefully you can return the favor!

    The Cassie Paige

  10. These are so great and perfectly in tune with the Halloween theme, thanks so much for your kind visit sweety.

  11. I really need to get loose in Lush! Their Halloween treats look divine, especially that pumpkin xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  12. Gorgeous outfit! I love your hats and they really suit you! Definitely buy a camel coloured one! :D
    Fashion Ganache.

  13. everyone really loves lush, and I see A LOT of youtube videos and blog posts about it, so I guess I need to try it out for myself... :D

    ps Great blog


  14. I just used that bath melt yesterday and it was looooovely!! I loved the scent of it and it left my skin feeling very moisturized. I'd definitely re-purchase!

    aka Bailey


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