August 22, 2013

MAC Cosmetics x Antonio Lopez Collection: 6 Eyes/Teal, Face/Pink, 3 Lips/Nude

Mark your calendars for September 12, my birthday(!) and the release of the MAC Cosmetics x Antonio Lopez Collection, an ode to the legendary fashion illustrator whose work has appeared in countless publications from Vogue to the New York Times.

Antonio Lopez is also known for launching the careers of supermodels like Jerry Hall and Grace Jones so each palette displays the face of a different muse, known as "Antonio's Girls." As you can see, they are very 80s which I know some people don't care for, but I feel like enough time has passed to allow us to appreciate the packaging as fun, retro throwbacks. What do you think?

The collection includes three eye palettes, three lip palettes, two face palettes, and a few accessories. I was lucky enough to receive three of my own to play with: 6 Eyes/Teal, 3 Lips/Nude, and Face/Pink.

MAC Antonio Lopez: 6 Eyes/Teal ($52.00 CAD) 
Sex & Disco Sparkling cool silver (Lustre)
Colourful Life Dark teal (Veluxe Pearl)
Freshwater Mid-tone sparkling blue with blue pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
Nighttrain Charcoal grey with crystalline frost (Lustre)
Sketchbook Glittery blackened olive (Lustre)
Fashion Legend Black with pink pearl (Lustre)

MAC Antonio Lopez: 3 Lips/Nude ($33.00 CAD) 
Art Directed Glossy sheer champagne (Glaze)
Antonio’s Girls Light peach (Satin)
Vivid Image Light white pink (Amplified)

MAC Antonio Lopez: Face/Pink ($55.00 CAD)
Belightful Light bronze with golden shimmer (Iridescent Powder)
Pure Femininity Mid-tone blue pink (Satin Blush)
Peaceful Mid-tone peach (Beauty Powder)

I really like the 6 Eyes/Teal because it has some great colours in it and the Face/Pink because it's nice to have coordinating bronzer, blush, and highlighter in one convenient package. However, I am not a fan of the 3 Lips/Nude. The colours are nice enough but I find the formulas quite drying. I also prefer lipsticks in the tube over palettes which can get a little messy. Nonetheless, the three palettes combined can be used to create some very gorgeous full-face looks. Here's one that I've been wearing a lot lately: 

6 Eyes/Teal (all), Face/Pink (all), 3 Lips/Nude (Antonio's Girls)


  1. Although I'm not sure I'm going to be adopting any of these looks myself, I have to admit I love the retro illustrations - they are just so very 80s! And the packaging is fun, too; I like how streamlined and minimal it is.

    1. What, you mean you don't want to wear combs on your head and in your ears? :p

  2. these look amazing! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  3. uhhhh I've preordered the face pink set! I also liked the teal palette but I've decided to pass since it has 2 or 3 lustre eyeshadows.. I hope I won't regret it too much!!

    1. Lustres aren't my favourite either but I actually like most of the ones in the Teal palette - except for Nighttrain (too frosty and chalky). You will love the Face/Pink set! The pans are a little small if you use bigger brushes but such a good colour combo!

  4. I love the 80s! Best decade any reminder of it makes me happy! I'm excited to try this collection! And your birthday is right around the corner girl!!!

  5. Those colours look amazing!!!

  6. The colours are so eye catching! I love the lipstick you're wearing!

  7. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog the makeup looks lovely by the way xx

  8. Gotta love a new Mac collection and this one looks really good, I love the funky retro theme. It looks kind of different from anything else I've seen from Mac before which is great! :-)

    I'm now following your cute blog via Twitter, Bloglovin and GFC.

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  9. love that eyeshadow on you :)

  10. you look lovely!
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  11. Thank you for info about MAC Cosmetics!!!


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