July 19, 2013

Real Techniques Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set

Real Techniques makeup brushes, designed by Samantha Chapman of pixiwoo fame, have been getting rave reviews ever since they were first released but sadly weren't available in Canada for the longest time. Thankfully that's no longer the case.

I recently got the chance to test out the Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set ($19.99 CAD), one of three brush sets in the Real Techniques line (there are a number of individual brushes as well). The Starter Set is intended to provide all the tools needed to create the ultimate eye look.

Included with all the brush sets is a panoramic case which you can fold in half and toggle to create a stand. I haven't been using the case because I store my makeup brushes a different way but I can see it coming in handy for protection if you're travelling or on-the-go. The elastic holds the brushes very tightly in place... perhaps a little too tightly.

Now for my thoughts on the brushes!

The Base Shadow Brush is a very full round brush that is good for packing on eyeshadow to achieve a smooth foundation of colour. This is especially so if you're using a product that's less pigmented. However, I personally prefer to use a flat paddle-shaped brush to apply my base eyeshadow so don't use it as much as some of the other brushes in this set.

The Deluxe Crease Brush is designed for contouring, so you can use it to apply darker crease colours and for blending. It also works well for applying concealer to the undereye area or around the nose.

The Accent Brush is designed for precision detailing. I like using it for smudging or applying shadow close to my bottom lashes.

The Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush, used for applying gel or cream liners, is my least favourite brush in this set. It works if you like thicker liner or cat eye looks but I find the brush too thick to achieve a super fine line.

The Brow Brush works great for shaping and defining eyebrows, or even as an angled eyeliner brush. In fact, if I had to choose a brush in this set to apply eyeliner with it would actually be this one over the Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush.

All Real Techniques brushes are made with Taklon, a synthetic material which is 100% cruelty-free. They are super soft and I haven't had any problems with shedding, which I am constantly battling with some of my more expensive MAC brushes. The quality is very impressive, especially for the price, and I'm glad to finally understand why everyone has been loving this line. Definitely recommended to anyone looking for affordable and well-made brushes!

Fellow Canadians can find Real Techniques at Walmart (only the sets) or online through their Canadian distributor (including the individual brushes). I've also heard they can be found at select London Drugs.


  1. I didn't get this set mainly because I thought the Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush was just too thick to give a fine line. Other than that, all the other brushes look great!

    1. Even without using the Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush, the set is a pretty good deal compared to a lot of other brushes. So glad I finally got to try them... now I want to collect them all, haha!

  2. I really want to get my hands on these brushes for the longest. I have heard so much good things about them. I agree the Eyeliner brush looks a bit thick. The Crease brush and Shadow Brush look fluffy. Great post. :) May have to purchase some Real Techniques Brushes soon :) Nice blog. Now following. :)


  3. Seems like good brushes!


  4. im so happy for you that you got these! :) been wanting to get RT brushes too. but i think i will get the big brushes that you buy separately bec i need those badly, thanks for sharing the detailed photos :D

  5. Great article these seem so good!


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  6. Heard so much about these Real Technique brushes! I love that they come in different colours, so much more fun to use than boring all-black ones ha! x

  7. they're nice to use and only cost a few bucks!

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    Miss Aggie Kwong
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  8. Much agreed with those brushes, they're amazing and a must have!

  9. Oh that brushes are really nice!
    I really want try that set!

  10. I have this set, along with the other one with the three face brushes, and love love love them both:) Great review.

  11. I have all of the RT brush range, and I was quite gutted with both the pixel point liner brush and the brow brush. The bristles on both are too bulky, and big... they should have been more precise and smaller xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I know, I thought it was a little strange that the liner brush is supposed to be "pixel-point" yet is so large. Hard to get a nice fine line!

  12. I love the Real Techniques brushes that I have but have never tried the eye brushes.
    I'm tempted to try them.

    Hannah x

  13. Great blog ^-^ Would you like to follow each other on gfc? I Shall follow you right now ^-^


    - kat

  14. I have a couple Real Techniques brushes and I love them! I've been eyeing this set at Ulta for a while now... I need to just take the plunge and buy them all :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  15. I own almost all the RT brushes. I'm interested to try the new ones that have just come out.



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