April 6, 2013

The Socializer Spotlight Exfoliator and Porefection

With temperatures warming up, I've been phasing out my usage of heavy moisturizers and thick serums in favour of some lighter formulas. Cue: The Socializer, a fun line of face & body care with a playful message that's matched in all of its packaging. Being a sucker for aesthetics, I was particularly pleased with the two products I received from the kind folks at Elizabeth Grant and Vervegirl.

First up is the Spotlight Exfoliator, a targeted exfoliating treatment with a built-in sponge that allows you to zero in on hard-to-reach problem areas, such as the nose, chin, and forehead.

To use, I simply squeeze a bit of product from the tube and apply it in a circular motion to my face and neck before rinsing off. The product is creamy with very fine granules that thankfully haven't caused my skin any irritation.

The only thing I'm unsure about is the sponge applicator, which seems slightly unsanitary to me since there's no real way of cleaning it after each use. So far mine doesn't seem dirty but who knows what kind of germs it might be harbouring!

In conjunction with the Spotlight Exfoliator, I've also been testing out Porefection, an overnight-use serum that targets your pores while you sleep. I apply it to my nose, chin, and forehead after exfoliating and before moisturizing (recommended by The Socializer for best results).

The serum applies clear and the formula is lightweight on the skin. It's also quite hydrating and does seem to reduce the look of my pores (initially; pores do become more noticeable throughout the day). I've yet to find a pore minimizing product that eliminates the look of pores completely but this product works best out of all the ones I've tried. Too bad it's only temporary!

As you can see, the tube features a series of three metal ball rollers... I'm not really sure what their purpose is but I assume they provide some massaging effect?

Spotlight Exfoliator retails for $26 CAD and Porefection retails for $22 CAD. You can find both online.


  1. Not familiar with how the balls stimulate exfoliation - always thought beads would do that - but they look interesting. Anything to minimize pores, right? I've never heard of this brand before, but will certainly look for it if I visit Canada again.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure how Porefection stimulates exfoliation (as it claims) either since the product is just a clear serum. Maybe it preps the skin somehow?

  2. good! I definitely want sth hydrating ...
    and it seems easy to apply!

    I absolutely adore your blog.

    Following u now via bloglovin/ facebook. Follow me back if you like! ♥
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    Miss Aggie Kwong
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  3. Too bad the pore minimiser is only temporary, that would be the miracle product of all miracle products if it could minimise pores permanently! Great reviews Alison - I'm not at all familiar with this line but you have me totally intrigued :)

    1. Serious miracle product... someone invent one please! ;)

  4. Porefection looks like a product that would work really well for me - plus the packaging is adorable! x


  5. Loved your lion tee in your last post D: and I have never heard of this brand before but the products and packaging look amazing so I will be checking them out xx


  6. Porefection sounds amazing.. what a good idea for a product! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. wow, i may have to try this!


  8. interesting! this is the first time I've heard of this brand, so I'm very sure it's not available here in Phils...hehe
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  9. That sponge applicator is the first I've seen with any exfoliation product. Super cool, but I agree - it's probably pretty unsanitary, haha. I've never heard of this line but will totally check it out. Thanks for the reviews, Alison!

  10. Awesome review , would love to try it out , i'm a huge fan of exfoliator's.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  11. wow that looks amazing! packaging is so pretty too (im a sucker for pretty packaging ;) xO!

  12. I am such a sucker for cute packaging! I'm not sure about the built-in sponge either.. hopefully it's self-cleansing, like soap? My favorite exfoliator is Vasanti's Brighten Up! It's like a microdermabrasion session in a bottle.

    Great review, and when you do find a good pore minimizer, let us know!

    xoxo, Julie

    1. I don't think it is self-cleansing unfortunately! I'll have to look into Vasanti as well... I love that they're a Canadian brand!

  13. These products look interesting! I would believe using the sponge would absorb a lot of the product if you're using it, wouldn't it? Would have been great if you included a before and after pic of using the porefection!


  14. i hope you find a magical product that would visibly reduce the pore appearance and share it with us! :) i have tried several and none of them really makes much difference :) love your reviews! x


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