February 5, 2013

Julep Beauty Resolutions

I'm not typically one to make resolutions (and I do realize it's a bit belated to be posting about New Year's resolutions given that it's now February), but the folks at Julep recently challenged me to take part in a few of their beauty resolution campaigns. Beauty-related... now those are the types of resolutions I can get behind!

Strong & Healthy Nails

The first step towards achieving healthy, more beautiful hands and nails this year begins with feeding my nails the nutrition they need. The nail plate cells are made of keratin, a type of protein that gives the nail plate strength, resulting in a strong, flexible nail.

As part of the Julep Nail Growth Revitalizing System, the cutting-edge peptides in Julep Reveal Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum are supposed to stimulate keratin genes and cell proliferation to boost the growth of stronger nails, while Julep Nail Therapy strengthens and nourishes the nails with Vitamin E.

Both products are also super easy to use. You apply Julep Reveal twice a day to the cuticle area and underside of the nail tip (nails can be bare or polished) and you can use the Nail Therapy as either a basecoat or a clear polish.

Unfortunately I haven't been using either product long enough to notice a difference quite yet but I'm hoping with continued use that I will start to see some good results.

Play With The Colour Wheel

For my second Julep Beauty Resolution, I am being challenged to experiment with colour, and in particular, complimentary colours. By definition, two colours are complimentary when, mixed in the proper proportion, they produce a neutral colour (grey, white or black). Complimentary colours also have the ability to make each other appear brighter when placed next to each other.

For this challenge Julep sent me Mischa and Melanie, two complimentary nail polishes, each which takes on a slight variation from their original primary versions. Mischa is described as a "cherry scarlet micro-shimmer" and Melanie is described as a "pastel indigo metallic chrome."

I decided to freehand my own version of the typical French tip mani using these two colours and I think it turned out great. These aren't shades that I would usually gravitate towards but that's what this beauty resolution is all about: playing with colour!

P.S. For those of you who haven't become Julep Mavens yet, you can use the code INTROTWO to get two free polishes with your first box.


  1. You did that manicure freehand?! I'm impressed! I can't paint my nails that neatly with just one colour :)

    1. I clean up the edges with an orange stick :)

  2. I love doing my own manicures and taking care of my nails - for some reason I find it very relaxing (and no - it's not because of all those nailpolish fumes LOL!).

    Love the blue & red manicure - such a pretty combination. I LOVE Julep's packaging - all those long square bottles look so chic :-)

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    1. I agree, their bottles are so chic! Plus you can almost justify owning more since they're so slim and take up less space ;)

  3. love how your nails turned out. And I love this beauty challenge series! =)

  4. Nice colours! Those will wear well into spring!


  5. Love your nails! The colours look great; I've never heard of the brand Julep before though.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog! I'd love for you to enter my giveaway if you're interested :)

  6. Love when you do manis! Great colors and my sister Love loves julep.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  7. Oh very cool colours! See, I think they look great together!!

  8. I love these! Your nails look great! Most of all, I love the shape of the polish bottles! :)

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    1. One of my favourite things about Julep too - the bottles!

  9. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep up with the great work!



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