May 26, 2012

Mirror Ball Nails: Elegant Touch Envy Wraps

Ever since Minx Nails became popular, I've been wanting to try out the whole nail polish sticker/wrap thing. And I finally got around to doing so thanks to Elegant Touch, the UK's #1 false nail brand which has now made its way to North America. In addition to offering really fun nail trends at affordable prices, the brand recently teamed up with celebrity nail technician, Kimmie Kyees, on a collection of celebrity-inspired false nails.

For this mani, I used the Envy Wraps Bling in Nail Armour for a fun 3D "mirror ball" effect:

I've gotten so many compliments on my nails and I seriously can't stop staring at them - they're so fun! 

Since this was my first time using nail wraps I was a little worried about how the application would turn out, but it really is quite simple. First, you apply a base coat and let it dry. Then you pick whichever size stickers match your nails and stick them on firmly. The instructions say to file down the edges, but I found it easier to first cut off most of the overhanging sticker so that there was less to file. Once that was all done, I used a blowdryer on each nail for about ten seconds since the heat is supposed to help with adhesion before setting it all with a top coat. 

Because the nail wraps are texturized, filing the edges of my nails was a bit tricky and I wasn't able to get them completely even. Probably due to this shoddy filing job, my nails started to show tip wear by day 3 but  it wasn't actually that noticeable unless you looked super close due to the glistening effect of the wraps. I also liked that there was no drying time (other than the clear top coat) so your mani is good to go almost immediately! However, application is still time-consuming with all the trimming and filing.

In addition to the Envy Wraps Bling line, Elegant Touch also has a regular Envy Wraps line. The Envy Wraps Bling feature unique 3D designs like the ones I've posted here (I also really like these ones), while the Envy Wraps come in mirrored animal prints.

Envy Wraps in Silver Bengal Metallic and Envy Wraps Bling in Nail Armour

Interested UK readers should be able to find these products fairly easily, and US readers can now find Elegant Touch at Ulta stores and Hopefully they will come to Canada next, as I think they're a more unique alternative to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.


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  2. Wow those look amazing! That's so neat that they're nail appliques AND they're textured!

  3. whooa...seriously so cool hahaha
    awesome mani!


  4. Love these nails!

  5. wow i love it! i have to try nail wraps myself, but i want to!!! thank you too <3

  6. No wonder you are getting so many compliments. These dazzles look amazing.

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  8. Amazing!!!


  9. Wow, your nails look dazzling! Cool idea:-) You have a lovely blog - come swing by my blog whenever you get a chance! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  10. they look awesome! i'm a new follower!(:

  11. That's awesome!! It looks really good! I would love to try it in gold :)

    BTW, I love your ring!

    1. Gold would look amazing too... and seriously distracting!

  12. WOW, those look amazing!! I need to get some...


  13. I love the "bling". They are gorgeous.

  14. I saw a picture of your nails on Instagram and I have to say, I am still in love! It looks amazing!

    xo Leonie

    Tailored To Fit

  15. your nails are absolutely gorgeous! having a nail envy moment right now! xx

  16. Wow, these are super flashy 'n fun Alison! ;-)

  17. wow...amazing! so chic!


  18. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    Hard to believe they are stick-ons! They look pro and the design is very edgy!


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