April 6, 2012

LUSH Cosmetics 2012 Easter Collection

I'm sure I'm not the only one excited that it's finally Easter weekend given the fact that we haven't had a long weekend since New Years. Unfortunately I don't have any getaways planned, but you can bet there will be lots of rest & relaxation.

To that end, I'm especially looking forward to indulging in some bath time fun with some products from the LUSH Cosmetics Easter Collection that I was recently sent to try out.

Pictured above are the Carrot Top Reusable Bubble Bar and the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb... so cute and perfect for Easter, right? LUSH never fails to impress me with their amazing holiday collections!

The Carrot Top Reusable Bubble Bar is made with nutritious carrot oil, which is rich in vitamins and is an extraordinary skin soother and rejuvenator. The fragrance is pleasant and fruity with oils like buchu, lemon and bergamot. To use, you just have to hold on to the "leafy" greens and swish it around the tub to create masses of skin softening bubbles. Then, just leave it on the side of the tub to dry and re-use another time. I love the fact that this is reusable since you get more "bang" for your buck (retail price is $7.95 CAD).

As a bath bomb fanatic, I was especially pleased with the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb, which seriously smells like candy (without all the calories!). A bath with this is seriously like bathing in a mass of marshmallow and jelly bean scented water. Yummy! I also love the bright pink colour and candy flower decorations. Retails for only $6.95 CAD.

I was also sent the Immaculate Eggception (not pictured), which is Lush's newest Easter innovation. It's a giant fizzy egg that you crack open to reveal a surprise bath bomb inside. There are two colours to choose from, pink and yellow, and each comes with either a baby chick or bunny bath bomb.  Retail price is $12.95 CAD which I'd say is worth it because the egg is quite large and you can break it into pieces for multiple baths.

These products are limited edition, so my best advice is to get your hands on them while you can.



  1. they sound so yummy...and look so pretty!!!


  2. Those look so incredibly cute! Enjoy your Easter long weekend with lots of R&R!


  3. So cute for Easter!


  4. The fact that you can reuse the carrot is a big selling point for me. I like bath bombs and all that stuff...and I have a tub now, but I hardly ever use them b/c I feel like you have to use all of the products in one sitting.
    I want this little carrot!

    The Fashionable ESQ

    1. I usually break my bubble bars into pieces for multiple uses but I know what you mean. The carrot is super cute and easy to use too!

  5. That carrot is such a cool idea and super adorable!!

  6. definitely! I've followed you on google
    your blog is lovely by the way,waiting you on my blog xxx


  7. This post makes me want to get Lush products asap! :)
    I really like your blog and am now following!

    Love, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  8. I swear I've tried maybe every product Lush has made. I seriously love that place. I have NOT tried these Easter treats though, may have to go make a quick Lush run haha. Hope you're having a great Easter Monday lovely!

    Alex xoxo

    1. It is so hard to avoid that store with its "come hither" fragrances, isn't it? I'm impressed you've tried so many of their products!

  9. Those look so cute! Definitely perfect for Easter.


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