January 20, 2012

Majolica Majorca: Pressed Pore Cover, Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, and Dress Glove Cream

While I was in Singapore, I was able to pick up a few products from Majolica Majorca, a brand that I've been wanting to try for the longest time.

Majolica Majorca is a Japanese drugstore line owned by Shiseido, and is marketed towards a "younger" crowd with its reasonable price points and adorable packaging. Despite the fact that I am probably too old for their target demographic, I am forever a sucker for cute packaging so I could really care less!

Here's what I picked up:

Pressed Pore Cover

Although my tried and true HG blotting powder is MAC Blot Powder, this little compact was too cute to pass up. I love the 3D design on the top! The compact also has a full mirror for easy touch-ups and comes with a soft sponge for application on the go.

According to its package, Pressed Pore Cover is "a soft, micro-particle face powder that covers skin's unevenness like pores to create uniformly smooth skin." It is also supposed to control "shine and oiliness so that the beautiful just-applied look lasts for a long time."

The powder only comes in one shade but blends into my skin well. I'm not sure how it would look on darker skin tones, however. Somehow I feel it might leave a bit of a white cast.

The powder is also very finely milled and the texture is silky smooth. It leaves the face nice and matte after a fresh application but it does not do a very good job at oil control. Since that's my main skincare woe, this will not be replacing my MAC. However, I'll continue to use it from time to time for touch-ups... just means more applications than normal. Thankfully it's not super cakey!

Skin Lingerie Pore Cover

To go along with the Pressed Pore Cover, the Skin Lingerie Pore Cover is a "makeup base that instantaneously creates smooth skin by concealing those pesky open pores and red cheeks."

Unlike the other makeup primers that I use (e.g. Smashbox, Reviva Labs), all of which are clear, Skin Lingerie is tinted. Like the Pressed Pore Powder, it only comes in one shade, but when smoothed onto the skin, it blends right in. The formula is similar to Urban Decay Primer Potion and like UDPP (the non-genie bottles), it comes packaged in a squeeze tube. That's great because it's more hygienic and less prone to waste.

As for the product itself, I didn't notice much difference in the look of my pores after using this. Is it just me or do these so-called miracle pore refiners never work? Nonetheless, I was impressed at how well Skin Lingerie mattified my skin. It definitely works well as a base for foundation but if your skin is good I think it you could get away with just powder on top for a "barefaced" day look.

Dress Glove Cream

Dress Glove Cream is part of Majolica Majorca's new Glass Trick Collection and "translucent like sparkling glass, this cream slips on like a velvety-smooth glove for beautiful hands." It's formulated with raspberry and rose extracts for extra-moisturizing qualities. Plus it seriously smells delicious!

The texture is really nice - not too sticky, thick, or waxy like some other hand creams. The formula also contains some shimmer particles which I usually don't like but I find these to be quite subtle. I do regret not picking up another tube, as unfortunately it's limited edition.

For those of you in Asia, Majolica Majorca should be fairly easy to get your hands on (in Singapore and Malaysia it's sold at Watson's). For those outside of Asia, Ichibankao carries the line and ships internationally.


  1. The only pore minimizer that remotely performed well was clinique. I have not much luck with other products for pores.


  2. The powder compact is so cute! Thanks for following me and I follow you back:)


  3. Never seen any of this before which surprises me because the brand Shiseido is popular in Korea where I live! Looks good, I'll look out for it.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


    1. I'm not sure if Majolica Majorca is available in Korea... but there are so many other great Korean brands. Sigh. So jealous!

  4. How awesome that you got to try these foreign products. I like the packaging =)

  5. I love Majolica Majorca's packaging. I can't wait to go back to Asia and pick up some of their products. The mascaras seem to get the most love!

    1. I know... so many goodies! I kind of regret not picking up their mascara, it comes in these really cute bottles.

    2. *waving at Ashley!!*

      That powder compact looks so amazing that it might be worth the hassle to pull it out for frequent touch-ups. :)

      I picked up one MM blush and while the colour looks very bright in the ban, it's really really subtle and just lovely for my blush-heavy tendencies. Now I wish I had picked up more MM products!

    3. I actually picked up those Puff de Cheeks too but totally forgot about them when I was writing this post. They are so cute... I love that they look like macarons.

  6. The packaging is beyond cute. Looking forward to our dinner next week!

  7. These products look great!


  8. love the packaging, so pretty. i need this stuff for my cheeks, they're always so red!
    instead of an elephant

  9. The packaging is so pretty! ^^

  10. This product looks really nice and I like how it's marketed to a younger crowd. the packing looks really nice too.

    Nice post, thanks for sharing!


  11. Wow that is beautiful packaging and the products sound great. Wish they sold them in the US!


  12. Such a great review! You've made me want to try more MM products! I've heard that their mascara is quite good~

    love your blog, so I followed you!


  13. Wow, these look so pretty!


  14. whenever I go to Asia, I always stock up on makeup and skincare. I can't help it, the packaging is always so pretty!

  15. Seems a great product!! This is such a cool post!

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  16. I've never even heard of this line, I absolutely love the beautiful packaging! Must give it a try soon. Hope you're having a good week so far love!

    Alex xoxo

  17. The packaging is so interesting, I like it! I'm a sucker for cute packaging.

    - The Fashionable ESQ


  18. I have never tried MM base makeup! Great review :D I do love their packaging but it's never enough for me lol. Interesting to see that their hand cream even have some shimmer in it!


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