August 9, 2011


Things have been a little crazy since I recently started working full-time (here in BC, you have to complete a year of articling before you can get called to the Bar and practice as a licensed lawyer). I'm at the office all day so as you can imagine, my chances for photographing my outfits has decreased exponentially.

Night shots aren't my favourite but better than nothing, right?

Lace Dress: Primark / Belt: H&M / Tights: Primark / Boots: Topshop

By the way, aren't these platform boots amazing? I picked them up on my recent trip to London. For anyone who's interested, they're the called the Allegra Chelsea Platform Heeled Boots from Topshop and they also come in brown. I really wish we had a Topshop over here - I'd be shopping there all the time!

P.S. Major thanks to Leah over at Leah Writes Pretty Fierce for the Liebster Blog Award and the nicest comments ever ♥


  1. Wow the color of that dress is gorgeous!

  2. What a pretty dress- the color is really amazing on you! I hear you on the work wardrobe. I try to dress up for work so I have more blog material but sometimes I just can't be bothered.

  3. pretty dress - i love this colour on you ;)

  4. I love your dress =)

  5. @A Stylized Hysteria I really should start documenting some of my work outfits but by the end of the day I'm so tired sometimes I can't wait to get into more comfortable clothes!

  6. Just stumbled across your bog! I followed :) I love your dress! Great texture and color!

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  7. i looooove that outfit so much.

  8. oh I miss your posts. Glad you started articling, at least you are one step closer in pursuing your career as a lawyer.

  9. oh and to answer your question, I will return to work for at least half an year since my company topped me up during my mat leave, and going back to work half an year was the condition :)

    Btw, my office is one block away from the supreme court, do you work around there too? if so, we can meet up for lunch sometimes after I go back to work hehe

  10. Such a pretty dress, I love the bold colour, and the belt you added!

    x Marcella

  11. I really love the dress, but the whole outfit is great. I so wish Topshop was everywhere out her.


  12. I love this outfit, you look so incredible, the dress is so nice, the color, the length, the shape are perfect and the combination with the belt and shoes is awesome, you look so chic! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

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  13. You look fantastic! And such a smarty that you're going to be a lawyer soon :) I love, love those boots - heading over to Topshop site now!

  14. Ditto, I wish the US had a TopShop as well. They have the cutest pieces!

    The outfit is a great combination btw!

  15. You look so ready for fall! That lace dress is really very pretty- love that shade! Did you like the shopping at Primark? Honestly, when I was in London I was quite turned off by that store because of how packed it was and how poor the quality seemed. But I never saw anything as cute as your lace dress!

  16. @Jen Fall is my favourite season for dressing, so most of my outfits have a Fall vibe no matter what the temperature! I shop at Primark every time I go to London though I agree the Oxford Circus location is wayyyy too busy. It takes some hunting around but I usually walk away with a few things that were not only super cheap but decent quality.

  17. Loving that colour on you! I could never pull it off in a million years but it really suits you beautifully. Love this look :)

    Alexandra xo

  18. wow you look so super cute!!
    lovely dress!!!
    i like it so much!
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  19. lovely dress !


  20. These photos are gorgeous, I adore your dress and the boots are amazing! :)


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