July 27, 2011

Anna Sui Lip Rouge G in #301

As I was Googling Anna Sui's Lip Rouge G in #301 (I always like to check Makeupalley and beauty blogs for reviews when I'm shopping - thank you data plan!), I was disappointed that I couldn't find any posts about it. However, I've been in the market for a new pink lipstick for quite sometime and this looked like it might be "it" so I decided to pick it up anyway. Let me just say I'm so glad that I did!

Anna Sui products are known for their cute packaging, which utilizes a girly-gothic black rose motif. This lipstick is no exception - look at how pretty it is!

Although it's all plastic, the casing seems like it's fairly good quality. Plus, I love all the little details like the cut-out hearts on the lid.

#301 is a gorgeous pink that looks a lot brighter in the tube than it does on my medium pigmented lips. Strangely enough, I don't have a colour quite like this in my collection at the moment so this fills that gap perfectly.

The lipstick has a light rose scent which is pretty neutral. It might bother some people who are sensitive to smell but personally I don't find this one to be too strong. The product itself applies easily, leaving a nice opaque colour. And since the "G" in this line stands for "Glossy", so you can expect the shine of lipgloss without the stickiness.

At $25 CDN the Lip Rouge line is a bit of a splurge, but I think if you're looking for a product that combines quality with cute packaging, you should definitely look into Anna Sui. There were a few other shades that caught my eye that I'm hoping to try out in the near future.


  1. ooh I love Anna Sui! i love how it looks on you!

    love from San Francisco,

  2. One of my favorite brands! They always have great packing and colour range.

    Lovely finding a fellow Vancouverite on the bloggosphere

  3. looks like a great product to me.

  4. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging, and this is definitely cute! It's always such a treat when the colour turns out to be gorgeous as well!

    p.s completely loving your Europe photos- can't wait to see the rest! xx

  5. Love the holder from the lipstick, it's so lovely. And the color is beautiful as well :)

    xxx London

  6. very beautiful!!

  7. Like it! :)


  8. I adore Anna Sui!! I'm always drooling over the Anna Sui stuff at Shoppers and Sears, lol. I've only ever bought one Anna Sui thing and it's a nail polish trio in an super cute purple Anna Sui house tin. The lipstick looks beautiful, gorgeous shade of pink!

  9. @Deb I know, I've always loved the packaging on her products... I don't know why it took me so long to try them out!

  10. The packaging is so beautiful! <3 I love the lipstick shade too; gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  11. AnonymousJuly 30, 2011

    Love this color on you! I recently got into lipstick myself and now I'm obsessed. I just did a post on it not too long ago.

    Check it out some time at http://stylelustpages.com!

  12. Hi there!
    How are you doing?
    Can you believe I have never tried Anna Sui's products?
    It is a pity because I think I would really love them, I think the packaging is so beautiful!
    But I believe they are not available in my country, I will check!
    Anyway, thanks so much for the review,
    XOXO from a new follower here,

  13. Nice lipcolor! I am so obsessed with lipsticks!

  14. it's a great color on you! but i just never have good results with lipstick for me. :(

    so jealous that you went to europe! i've been wanting to go for the longgggest.

    i find it super cute that you sketch out your outfits before you travel. i tend to do that too... haha. can't wait to see more posts from your vacation! :)

    cins - design3rd

  15. Oooh really nice colour! Lipstick never looks good on me either (commenting on above post) but it looks great on you! Lucky!


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