March 26, 2011

The Neighbourhood Wall & American Apparel Peacock

It's kind of funny... I walk past this weird old wall on my way to the bus stop everyday but have never really taken the time to stop and appreciate it. To me, it's always seemed a bit out of place compared to the modern buildings surrounding it - a remnant, I suppose, of this neighbourhood's past.

Wrap: Forever 21 / Tank: Wilfred (Aritzia) / Jeans: Rock & Republic
Heels: Steve Madden / Bangle: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Sunglasses: Primark

Also, I'm not sure if anyone noticed that it's been a while since I posted any of my usual makeup/beauty reviews. I've been on a partial shopping ban to save up for my Eurotrip this summer so haven't really been testing out any new products.

That said, being the "polishaholic" that I am, I have still been wearing lots of nail polish and have amassed quite a few swatches that I need to post. Something to look forward to, I guess?

For most of this week, I was sporting American Apparel Peacock. It's a really nice teal colour that stands out without being garish. Kind of reminds me of a greener MAC Blue India.

To be honest though, I actually bought this polish last year and haven't worn it until now because I didn't really like it. But I've gotten so many compliments on it that I've kind of changed my mind!

I've been pretty impressed with AA's formula before (see some of my other reviews here and here), but I think Peacock really takes the cake. It was opaque in only one coat, though I used two for good measure. And application was incredibly smooth! So glad I decided to give this polish another chance.


  1. LOOOVE that wrap! so gorgeous <3

    as for AA nail polishes, i LOVE how opaque they are after just one or two coats, but the formula feels a little harsh to me. it left my fingernails feel weird =/. they have some lovely shades, though :).

  2. Love what you're wearing! You definitely look ready for Spring in that light printed wrap. Your style is gorgeous darling - definitely keeping up with your posts :)

    I would love to visit Vancouver one day - it seems like such a beautiful city. I've been living in Toronto all my life so I'm getting pretty sick of it.. Oh and I would love to try one of those hot dogs from those Japanese stands you guys have there!!

  3. hi i just discovered your blog and i LOVE IT!! you have the most amazing style tres chic!!

    i'm a new follower would love for you to visit follow me too!

  4. the wrap for f21 look so pretty! and that color of nail polish as well, you definitely have to use it more :P

  5. Hi Alison! Found your blog via Lianna @ The Savvy Frugalista. :) Love your chic style. I also love the wrap! Can't believe it's from F21. I also like the location you chose to shoot this photo... has a urban, but rustic feel.

    Well, I hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend. Happy Sunday-ing! Be back for a visit for sure... (new follower here!)

    xx Love & Aloha

  6. @Dani I remembered your comment about the AA polishes from one of my previous posts but haven't noticed my nails feeling particularly brittle yet. I wonder if it varies depending on the shade?

    @Aney Japadogs have become sooo popular here, it's crazy. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they expand to Toronto!

    @Lisa thank you so much! :)

    @Hazel I am currently resisting the urge to paint my nails with Peacock again, haha

    @sharonlei Forever 21 is usually so hit and miss for me but as soon as I saw this wrap I knew I had to have it! Thank you for visiting :)

  7. That wrap is gorgeous, the way it drapes and I just love the colour! Finding a photo spot that you never noticed is the best feeling :) And I love AA polish, I've been living off three colours for a whole year and still love them!

  8. Love your wrap. foever21 has become my new favorite.

  9. I can't get over how gorgeous that wrap is! And it does not look f21 at all. Did you buy it online? Or in store?

  10. @aliciafashionista I have to thank my bf for noticing the wall and now I think I'm going to have trouble preventing myself from over-using it!

    @Ms. Givens Forever 21 is great for inexpensive trendy pieces, isn't it?

    @bubbleness Richmond Centre F21! WAYYYYY better than Metrotown.

  11. This is terrific, another Vancouver blogger we spot on here! We love reading bloggers like you, and find so many common things!

    haha recently, we both are on a big for nail polishs as well...Sephora has beautiful colors!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  12. That wrap is so interesting and the color is great for spring! The AA polish looks good...I might have to try it out. =)

  13. Alison, I'm in love with those sunglasses! I have never heard of Primark - perhaps they are not sold in the US? Were you able to buy them online? I've been trying to find a pair with a similar look with no success.

    Great post, as always :)

  14. @Maree Yeah, unfortunately Primark is only in the UK as far as I know and they don't have an online store. :(


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