March 29, 2011

Chocolate Chip Oreo Chunk Cookies

In case anyone forgot about my previous foray into baking, let me just remind you that I am a total baking newbie. So when I'm in the mood for some fresh-baked goodies, I have no choice but to rely on my much more savvy friends to help me (thank you!).

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a recipe for Chocolate Chip Oreo Chunk Cookies on Crepes of Wrath, whose blog always has me drooling. When I saw the ingredients (white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips AND Oreo cookies - a cookie in a cookie???), I knew I needed to make these.

Thankfully, I was not disappointed. The results were chewy, chocolate-y, and delicious. However, if you do decide to try out this recipe, I must warn you that you may be tempted to make multiple batches. DON'T DO IT! My friend and I ended up with over 60 cookies and passed out, sick from cookie coma. These cookies are definitely best enjoyed in moderation.

And, of course, some proof that I did indeed have a hand in the process:

March 26, 2011

The Neighbourhood Wall & American Apparel Peacock

It's kind of funny... I walk past this weird old wall on my way to the bus stop everyday but have never really taken the time to stop and appreciate it. To me, it's always seemed a bit out of place compared to the modern buildings surrounding it - a remnant, I suppose, of this neighbourhood's past.

Wrap: Forever 21 / Tank: Wilfred (Aritzia) / Jeans: Rock & Republic
Heels: Steve Madden / Bangle: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Sunglasses: Primark

Also, I'm not sure if anyone noticed that it's been a while since I posted any of my usual makeup/beauty reviews. I've been on a partial shopping ban to save up for my Eurotrip this summer so haven't really been testing out any new products.

That said, being the "polishaholic" that I am, I have still been wearing lots of nail polish and have amassed quite a few swatches that I need to post. Something to look forward to, I guess?

For most of this week, I was sporting American Apparel Peacock. It's a really nice teal colour that stands out without being garish. Kind of reminds me of a greener MAC Blue India.

To be honest though, I actually bought this polish last year and haven't worn it until now because I didn't really like it. But I've gotten so many compliments on it that I've kind of changed my mind!

I've been pretty impressed with AA's formula before (see some of my other reviews here and here), but I think Peacock really takes the cake. It was opaque in only one coat, though I used two for good measure. And application was incredibly smooth! So glad I decided to give this polish another chance.

March 20, 2011

Springing Forward (in Seasons as well as Life)

Yesterday was a relaxing, errand-running and shopping-filled day. Just the kind of break from reality that a girl in her final semester of law school needs before hunkering down for her last exams ever. Did I really just say that? No more exams ever?? Well... except for that pesky Bar Exam...

Boyfriend Blazer: Zara / Black Tank: Smart Set / Pocket Tank: Wilfred (Aritzia)
Bandage Skirt: Talula (Aritzia) / Tights: The Bay / Jazz Flats: Aldo

And after a week of rain, Vancouver finally saw some sunlight! Of course, it's only March so the weather was still being deceptive - outerwear remained a necessity. But what a great taste of the Spring to come. I can't wait till it finally starts to warm up!

Trench Coat: Talula Babaton (Aritzia) / Pashmina: gift from Hong Kong

March 16, 2011

The Suit Photoshoot

Suit: Jacob / Blouse: Jacob / Heels: Ralph Lauren / Coat: Community (Aritzia)

This is not really an outfit post per se, but as you can see, I have clearly been preparing for my impending entrance into the corporate world. Finding work-appropriate attire, particularly for those of us in the legal profession, can be so difficult sometimes. I mean, there are only so many colours of suits and mixes of pants/skirts/dresses/blazers that one can own!

Sometimes the only option when you're forced to wear suits everyday is to accessorize. Cute shoes and bold statement jewelry! I also prefer to match my suits with silk patterned blouses instead of collared button-downs.

Oh, and in case you were wondering exactly why I was wandering around by the beach in a suit... I was taking some "professional"-type photos for a project I'm working on. Figured I might as well share!

March 13, 2011

Casual Day & My Crested Blazer

Blazer: Urban Outfitters / White Tank: Wilfred (Aritzia) / Yellow Tank: Razzle Dazzle
Jeggings: Paige Premium Denim / Combat Boots: Aldo

March 8, 2011

Zara Wishlist

I'm so glad Zara finally has an online catalogue, as it is one of my favourite stores for on-trend and relatively inexpensive staples. Here are a few items I'm currently loving:

Blouse With Pockets - $69.90 CAD

Flower Blouse - $49.90 CAD

Blouse With Pleated Front - $59.90

Printed Kimono - $119 CAD

Dress With Crocheted Sleeves - $139 CAD

Wide Strap Sandal - $69.90 CAD

And yes, I think it's fair to say that I do gravitate towards a certain colour palette... ;)

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