February 27, 2011

Tiny Closets: Organization 101

This weekend, I was overcome with the sudden desire to reorganize my closet a bit. The problem is it's way too small for the amount of clothes I own and I refuse to stop shopping (common dilemma for us shopaholics, no?). Oh, how I long for the day when I can finally have a walk-in closet!

But until then, here are a few things I've been using to try and maximize the tiny space I have:

1. Flocked Hangers

These hangers are super thin and lightweight, so you can fit a lot more in your closet than with those big wooden and plastic hangers. Plus, they're covered in velvet flocking so that your clothes don't slip off!

I believe that the original ones were Joy Mangano's "Huggable Hangers" and sold on the Home Shopping Network. However, lots of other companies have begun making their own versions, which are just as good and cost much less. I got mine on sale for only $5.99 for a pack of 10 at London Drugs. You can also find similar ones at HomeSense and Costco.

2. Baskets on Wheels

I'm in love with IKEA's Antonius frame and wire baskets, which like everything from IKEA, are completely customizable. If you don't like the wire baskets, for example, there are plastic ones. I also added wheels to mine so that I can move them around easily.

These baskets are great for anything that can be folded/doesn't need to be hung up. I use mine for basic items like tees/tanks, sweaters, and pants. And they may not look it, but they do hold a fair bit... I can fit about 40-50 t-shirts in one basket.

3. Hanging Organizers

Because of the way my closet is laid out, there is an odd corner section with no bar/shelving. Basically, useless. However, turns out it's the perfect size for two of these hanging organizers (also from IKEA).

I bought four (two of the clothes-sized ones and two of the shoe ones) and then sewed them together to make two organizers that are double the length. The clothes organizers are great for stacking out-of-season items/bulky sweaters or things I don't really wear much but don't want to get rid of yet. I keep most of my shoes/boots in the hall closet, but use the shoe organizer in my bedroom closet for heels/dress shoes.

4. Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins are basically the easiest storage solution ever. Got some clutter? Toss it all in a box and suddenly everything looks cleaner and more organized!

Plus there is such a huge variety of options out there: plastic stacking boxes, wooden baskets, etc. so it's easy to find ones that co-ordinate with your decor.

I use the bins in my closet for miscellaneous accessories like scarves, hats, gloves/mittens, and belts.


  1. This is a great post! I need to reorganize my closet so bad! I have those hangers and LOVE them so much!
    Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. You are speaking my language! I'm doing a post today about how I'm moving and will definitely be needing some small closet tips!!!!

  3. @LabelSnob, you're welcome! Aren't those hangers great?

    @aliciafashionista oooh, good luck with your move! I would love to see a closet post from you :D

  4. my closet definitely needs some re-organization! new hangers are definitely a must! i hate when everything falls off, or when clothes get warped by the hangers.


  5. Oh my gosh you are my hero! My boyfriend and I are trying to figure out if i'll be able to fit all my stuff into his place, or if I should wait until July to move in (we could find a bigger place then... but that means more money! eep!)

    I love the idea of those hangers.


  6. love the stuff you used for organizing your closet ;D

  7. Oh gosh, we could talk about closet organization forever. My frustration is with my winter items taking up way too much space. I have a small closet too and it just looks like a war zone now. IKEA is definitely a godsend though!

  8. @oomph., plastic hangers were warping some of my clothes too so I'm really glad I switched over to these flocked ones.

    @Melissa, my bf has a walk-in closet... I wish I could take it over, haha!

    @Hazel thank you :)

    @Deb I love organization everything!!


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