February 10, 2011

Lancome Pure Focus Matifying Moisturizing Lotion

I've been testing out moisturizers for the past few months, on my search for that "HG product." I have combination skin and my biggest woe is constant shine. Anyone who knows me knows that I am basically attached to my MAC Blot Powder, haha! But in conjunction with my powders and foundations, I realized that a good mattifying moisturizer might also help.

I had been using Lush Enzymion (which did nothing and I do not recommend) before I decided to splurge on this Lancome Pure Focus Matifying Moisturizing Lotion. And I mean splurge... this stuff was expensive! I think it was almost $60 CAD with taxes (although you can get it for much cheaper in the States and possibly elsewhere in Canada though I'm not sure).

You get 50 mL of product in rather nice packaging. The bottle comes with a removable plastic cap, and of course, the best part is the pump applicator. This allows you to control how much product you use so you don't have to waste any.

The actual product is very light-weight, almost like a gel. It absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't feel heavy. In fact, it's quite refreshing in a "cooling sensation" kind of way. It also leaves the skin feeling quite smooth and velvety. Initially. This is where my positive impressions kind of end.

Pure Focus is supposed to be a mattifying moisturizer, but when it came to shine protection, I was rather disappointed. Although this moisturizer does work better than others I've tried and at least didn't break me out, my skin stays shine-free for maybe 1-2 hours before I am back to blotting away. Honestly, if I am paying this much for a product, I expect it to last longer than that.

I'm also not a huge fan of the scent. It's a very strong floral-type fragrance that I'm sure some do like but I personally cannot stand.

So unfortunately, Pure Focus and me were not meant to be. I'm starting to wonder if this mythical shine-free moisturizer actually exists...

P.S. On my nails, I'm wearing Wild Orchid from the Color Club Indulgence Collection which I just blogged about. It's an awesome grey with subtle purple tones (has much more dimension than the "flat" AA Factory Grey.)


  1. Although I suffer dry skin mostly, I've tried Dermalogica's Clean Start Welcome Matte SPF15 moisturizer and it worked well on the oily t-zone. I only used it for a week in the summer so it might've been a fluke. You can always get free samples at Sephora to try :)

  2. Cool! I'll look into this I just did a recent mattifying lotion too maybe you can try it out its a lot cheaper than lancome.

  3. Good review! Too bad the lancome and your skin didn't work out, were you able to return it?

  4. @Ashley thanks for the recommendation, I'll check that out!

    @smilecusiluvu, I'll read your review! At this point, I'm still on the hunt. :)

    @bubbleness, I've been testing it out for a month or so (trying to make sure it wouldn't break me out) so unfortunately no. I'm continuing to use it for now since it's the best so far.

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  6. Have you found anything better yet? I use this moisturizer - its the best I have used for matifying. Doesn't last forever but at least I start off my day shine-free. They are discontinuing this moisturizer so I need to find an alternative...any suggestions?!

  7. @Anonymous I've been using a combination of glycolic acid moisturizers (Reviva Labs and Reversa make good ones) with the Neutrogena Water Light sunscreen. I find the sunscreen really helps with oil control.

  8. hey there...
    i am so sorry but dont agree with you... i live in Tropical country and have really oily skin..... this product did wonders on my skin... really loved it
    too bad it got discontinued :(

    1. I'm glad to hear it worked for you; I think it just didn't work well with my skin. It's always upsetting when a favourite product gets discontinued... I hope you find a good replacement!


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