January 3, 2011

Drugstore Finds: Rimmel Airy Fairy Lipstick and Revlon Lilac Pastelle Lipgloss

I don't own many drugstore cosmetic products, but Shoppers Drug Mart was having a sale! So, I decided it was time to try out a few drugstore makeup products that many beauty bloggers and Youtube gurus have been raving about.

The first product I chose was Airy Fairy Lasting Finish Lipstick by Rimmel. I haven't used a Rimmel product in YEARS and I guess sometime in between they changed their lipstick packaging. It's much cuter now with a crown engraved on the cap and no distinct logos. It kind of reminds me of the Japanese brand, Lavshuca.

Rimmel Airy Fairy Lipstick

The lipstick itself is a nice light pink with a bit of golden sheen but honestly, nothing special. I have rather pigmented lips so on me, Airy Fairy isn't really that noticeable. It's still a good everyday neutral though, so I will continue to wear it. Some of you might also like that it's a cheaper alternative to MAC Viva Glam V. Just beware that the lipstick has a very distinct bubblegum scent which might be a turn-off for those who are sensitive to smell/taste/whatever.

This summer Revlon also released its Spring/Summer collection of Super Lustrous Lipgloss, which many feared were limited edition. However, I guess Revlon realized it would be far more profitable to make these glosses permanent. Lilac Pastelle was considered the "hot" colour from the line so I picked it up too.

Revlon Lilac Pastelle Lipgloss

Lilac Pastelle is apparently comparable to the limited edition MAC lipstick, Lavender Whip (though it is, of course, a lipgloss and not a lipstick). On me, the lavender sheen is barely noticeable and overall, I kind of look washed out. I think my lips must be too pigmented/the gloss is too light for my skintone because other swatches I saw of this looked great.

The packaging is really nice and classy... kind of reminds me of Chanel lipgloss or even Dior without the bobble thing on top. Formula-wise, I do like this Revlon gloss a lot. Not too sticky, no weird smell/taste. However, I don't think I'll be wearing this alone anymore; instead, I'll try and come up with some lipstick combos to get my use out of it!


  1. revlon's really upping their game recently, huh?

    i have the same "problem" as you; my lips are so pigmented, i've basically given up on ever wearing light coloured lip products. i bought going casual from mac's in the groove collection and i've been at a loss as to how to wear it :S. such a shame, coz it's gorgeous!

  2. I have Revlon's Lilac Pastelle aswell & I hate the way it looks on me. I guess it's a mix between washed-out & a naughty actress (if you catch my drift).. I hate being sucked into the hype :(

  3. That's always an issue that I've had with lip products, the smell and the stickiness! Too bad, Rimmel has the bubblegum smell to it.

  4. Ugh, I have the same problem with pale lip colours. I wanted Viva Glam Lady Gaga to work so much on me but I looked ill wearing it! The Rimmel lipstick tubes ARE very cute though :D

  5. @Dani Revlon is definitely upping their game... their new lipsticks are so nice!

    @Ashley, I know what you mean about getting sucked into the hype. I don't think I can ever wear Lilac Pastelle on its own in public... it looks awful!

    @bubbleness, I hate sticky lipglosses! Part of the reason NARS is my fave! The bubblegum scent on the Rimmel is pretty strong but I try and not breathe it in when I'm applying it, haha!

    @Deb, those light pink colours are so cute but I look totally ridiculous in them too. Such a shame!

  6. I actually like the nude look that Airy Fairy gives you and thanks for the tip on the bubblegum scent, that's definitely a turn of for me.

  7. @che, I know! I wish Rimmel would get rid of the awful smell... something vanilla-y like MAC would be just perfect.


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