January 13, 2011

The Boathouse (English Bay)

The Boathouse in Vancouver's West End is one of my favourite restaurants, offering a gorgeous view of English Bay. The interior is reminiscent of a boat with lots of hardwood, and their patio is great for drinks on hot summer days.

The restaurant's regular menu is always delicious, but this time we decided to try out some items from their winter menu. I opted for the Sirloin with Blue Cheese Demi Glace and Mashed Sweet Potatoes (I can never say "no" to steak!)

I usually don't like the taste of blue cheese, but this glaze was really good. And while I make yam fries all the time, it's never occurred to me to try mashing them. Thank you Boathouse for this wonderful idea!

My bf chose the Seafood Jambalaya which was apparently very tasty, as evidenced by the "mmm"s and "yum"s I kept hearing.

I'll admit I was jealous of this dish... after all, The Boathouse is a seafood restaurant so why not try their specialty? Unfortunately for me, I am allergic to shellfish! I've never eaten lobster, crabs, shrimp, clams, or any of those other wonderful shelled things. But I'm not allergic to fish (thankfully), so at least not all seafood is lost on me!

Address: 1795 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Website: http://www.boathouserestaurants.ca/


  1. I just learned to love shrimp this past year.
    Your sweet potato's look wonderful.

  2. Ooo, everything looks yummy! My mom and brother would go nuts over the sweet potato mash, and I can't turn down a good steak either, or seafood! At times, totally prefer them to chicken.

  3. @Ms. Givens, I wish I could eat shrimp! Seems so tasty!

    @Deb I am definitely a steak and potatoes girl... will always choose over chicken!

  4. the food looks delicious on the picture!! and sorry to hear you're allergic to shellfish :(


  5. Mmmmm...mashed sweet potatoes..my FAV!! healthier than normal potatoes too believe it or not!

    Check out my blog :)


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