October 31, 2010

Closet REMIX Re-Cap

Last week I posted about Closet REMIX, where Vancouverites were invited to "shop the closets" of local fashionistas. Well, the event was yesterday and, as expected, it was lots of fun!

Sara and I had a ridiculous amount of clothing, shoes, and accessories for people to purchase at dirt-cheap prices. (Embarassingly enough), this picture only shows half of what we had!

The next Closet REMIX should be in a few months, and hopefully we'll be able to get even more people to come. Anyone in Vancouver should pencil this into their calendars -- there are some really great deals to be had!


  1. wow I wish I lived in Vancouver lol


  2. wow, that's so cool!!! nice post!!

  3. @Lily come to Vancouver!! Hee hee :)

    @Henar Thanks!


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