October 19, 2010

American Apparel Factory Grey

American Apparel Factory Grey
I've finally gotten around to trying out American Apparel's line of nail polish, which I believe they came out with at the beginning of this year. The polishes are fairly reasonably priced -- $7.50 each or 3 for $18 (CAN), and there is a wide range of colours available.

This is Factory Grey, a lovely grey creme. The formula reminds me a lot of Joe Fresh Style nail polish (see some of my reviews here, here, and here).

It applies very smoothly and is opaque in only two coats. I've heard good things about AA nail polish, and I can now attest that all those raves about the stellar application are true.

The only thing I'm not loving is the bottles. They're quite slim and seem rather unsteady... anytime I re-dipped my brush I was afraid I was going to accidentally tip the bottle over and spill nail polish everywhere! The glass also seems quite fragile, although AA did recall the original bottles because they were prone to breaking. So I guess these "new" bottles shouldn't be as fragile as they feel?


  1. i like the colours and opacity, but they made my nails feel SO brittle!

  2. ooh! i love the color! i've always wanted to try AA polishes..maybe i should give em a shot =P

  3. i've also been really curious about AA polishes and had done a quick swipe of this color the last time I was in their store. I was on the fence before about this color, but after seeing your post I might just have to go back!


  4. Love the color. Have you tried Ulta's polish? I really like it. Very easy to apply!

  5. @Dani, interesting observation! I haven't noticed anything yet but maybe I'll need to wear the polish for longer or try out some of the other colours to see if it affects me the same way...

    @Katrina, what I like about the AA polishes is that they're all cremes and they dry fast. Definitely something to look into :)

    @Kileen, I'm not entirely sure this grey suits my skin tone that well but I have been lemming a grey for quite sometime. I'm just gonna continue to rock it!

    @Ms. Givens, we don't have Ulta in Canada so sadly I haven't. Next time I take a trip down to Seattle, I'll try and find an Ulta!

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  7. Ooh lurrve this colour, gorgeous!



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