September 3, 2010

OPI Bubble Bath

OPI Bubble Bath
For my nail look this long weekend, I decided to depart from my usual crazy colours and indulge in a more neutral and work-appropriate look (although in retrospect, I realize it's kind of silly that I chose to wear this during holiday time and not during the week, haha). Anyway, here we have OPI Bubble Bath, everyone's favourite "wearable" colour.

I'm not really a fan of sheer nail polishes; instead, I tend to gravitate more towards creamy shades. So Bubble Bath is perfect for people like me who like a little colour in their neutrals.

I used three thick coats to achieve this opaque milky pink look but I can see the possibility of using thinner coats for a more sheer effect. Of course, application was wonderful, as with all OPI polishes.

I'm really hoping to find some more shades that are similar to Bubble Bath, which "pop" but are also office-appropriate!


  1. what a gorgeous, nude shade! loove it :)

  2. My favorite is Zoya Gaia. It's a soft white with gold micro shimmer. I could wear it forever! Another new favorite is American Apparel California Trooper. Both office appropriate but gorgeous and unique!

  3. @April,
    Thanks for the recommendations! Zoya Gaia is BEAUTIFUL!!

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  5. another nice work appropriate neutral shade is I'll take the cake by OPI its one of my favorites

    1. Ooh, I've never seen that one before but it looks so pretty. Thanks for the recommendation!


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