August 18, 2010

Green Beaver Facial Cleanser & Eye Make-up Remover

Way back in April, I posted my review of the Green Beaver Company's Après-Ski Winter Lip Balm and promised I'd be following up with a review of some other Green Beaver products sent to me by PR. So I'm a couple months late on that (sorry!) but at least by now I've had the time to properly test them out.

Green Beaver Grapefruit Gel Cleanser
As part of my regular skincare routine, I prefer to use light cleansers in the morning and deep-cleaning cream cleansers in the evening. Since I ran out of Cetaphil (my usual morning cleanser), I thought that this Grapefruit Gel Cleanser looked like it would make a good substitute.

A key ingredient in this cleanser is aloe vera, which has long been recognized as a herbal remedy for various skin problems. This cleanser is aloe-based and formulated specifically for the most sensitive of skin. My skin is somewhat sensitive and I haven't experienced any strange reactions to this cleanser.

Furthermore, it's a gel formula, which is very light and easy to use. I liked the grapefruit scent the most. It's quite refreshing and a good pick-me-up early in the morning.

In addition to the Grapefruit Cleanser, I have also been using the Eye Make-up Remover. This product is a little different from my usual eye make-up removers because it's a lotion rather than a liquid. Definitely took some getting used to!

Green Beaver Eye Make-up Remover
Like the Grapefruit Cleanser, this eye make-up remover is formulated with aloe. It contains Vitamin E and is, once again, intended for sensitive skin. You can also use it to remove facial make-up!

The product itself works okay, but  it didn't get my eyeshadow and waterproof mascara off as well as my usual make-up remover. I think this might work better for someone who doesn't wear waterproof mascara, as I found myself swiping numerous times in an attempt to get all my mascara off.

Out of these two products, I definitely prefer the Grapefruit Cleanser but would probably not purchase the Make-Up Remover again. Nonetheless, I have been quite impressed with The Green Beaver Company. I love the fact that they are a Canadian company whose products are all-natural and organic. Plus, they don't test on animals and their packaging is made of partly recycled material.

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  1. thanks for the review :)
    the packaging are so cute, but the makeup remover sounds like a disappointment :(



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