July 15, 2010

Nicole by OPI The Right Thing (+ Upcoming Gossip Girl Collection)

Nicole by OPI The Right Thing
Nicole by OPI is one of OPI's off-shoot brands, offering the salon quality we all know and love to the mass market. I find that the colours are often a bit more trendy than the regular OPI line, so they're great if you're looking for something a bit unique.

One of my favourite summer shades is The Right Thing, a bright red-orange that I always get numerous comments on. In fact, whenever I look down at my nails, my spirits are often lifted because it's just so bright and cheery. Funny how nail polish can have that effect!

You can expect the same formula as OPI minus the typical wide brush. And while the brush is much thinner, I don't find it to hinder the application process that much anyway. Opacity on this colour can be reached in only two coats, but I usually add a third for good measure.

Thanks to its wide availability and the great shades, I've been a pretty big fan of this line for quite sometime. I suppose my only "negative" are the bottles - they are so weirdly shaped! Curvy on one side and diagonally flat on the other... makes it incredibly difficult to hold comfortably and takes up more space than necessary when storing.

While I'm on the topic of Nicole by OPI, I feel it's probably necessary to mention their upcoming Gossip Girl Collection. The 4 shades are based on the sooooo trashy but sooooo good TV show and they are gorgeous!

(L-R): Too Rich For You; Scandals, Secrets and Sparkle; Party in the Penthouse; Nicole... Spotted!

I'm personally most looking forward to Nicole...Spotted! because I love the glitters but I suspect Too Rich For You will be a big hit for its greenish-blue hue. Look for the Gossip Girl collection when it launches mid-August and remember that they'll only be out for a limited time!


  1. AnonymousJuly 25, 2010

    The Gossip Girl Collection polishes are so gorgeous!

  2. thanks for the review! Love these polishes :)
    I found you on soompi btw ~


  3. Curious as to what you use as a top coat as your nails always seem flawless! I want to get that freshly manicured look at home too. Mine always come out a bit rougher than I'd like...

    I've only just started to buy OPI polishes, the colours are fabulous!

  4. @Larissa,
    OPI is wonderful, isn't it? Definitely my favourite brand! In terms of top coat, I use Seche Vite (can be found at London Drugs) or OPI. Seche Vite is perfect for evening out uneven polish, so if that's your problem then I recommend that one.


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