July 1, 2010

Nail Stickers = The Lazy Girl's Nail Art

Although I am constantly painting my nails, I very rarely have the time to dedicate to complex nail art. And since I don't wear fake nails, the process can take even longer and end up quite messy. So what is the best solution for someone who craves a bit of "dazzle" but lacks the skills/patience/tools/whatever? Nail stickers, of course! 

Nail stickers have come a long way from the ones I remember playing with as a child. Companies have upped the intricacy of designs, even adding rhinestones and glitter. I personally love the super girly designs like cute little bows and hearts. I got the ones above from Daiso, the Japanese $2 store, but unfortunately, the quality was significantly lacking. The stickers have a weird smell and the adhesive wasn't sticky enough. In fact, the stickers started peeling off despite having applied two layers of top coat. They were only $2 though, so I suppose I can't complain too much!

But thanks to Viva La Nails I was able to try out some much better quality nail stickers, which are just as affordable as those cheap Daiso ones. Viva La Nails is a UK-based online store specializing in professional nail supplies. They carry a wide range of products from stickers and decals to glitter and rhinestones. Their prices are extremely reasonable and perfect for nail technicians or anyone simply interested in nail art.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Silver Lining
Viva La Nails Fashion Nail Stickers NSF06

I was extremely impressed with the adhesive quality, and application of the stickers was really easy. I also love that some of the stickers come with rhinestones. Saves me from trying to apply those pesky things with tweezers and nail glue!

Viva La Nails has a pretty wide variety of nail sticker designs, so I definitely recommend checking them out if you're not sure where to buy them. I'm also planning on trying their water decals soon, so look for that in an upcoming post!

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  1. Those stickers are cute! I really like the heart ones :)

    BTW I dunno if you know, but London Drugs is having a bunch of sales on nail polish, most of them are 25% off!


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