July 24, 2010

Joe Fresh Style Faded Violet

Joe Fresh Style Faded Violet
I haven't used Joe Fresh Style nail polish in ages; the last time being my review here. However, I had this bottle of Faded Violet lying around unused (but what nail polish junkie doesn't have bottled on unused nail polish?!). So I decided it was about time I tested it out!

Faded Violet is exactly what its name implies... a very muted light purple. It's a nice pastel and not flashy at all. This isn't normally a colour I would gravitate towards but now that it's on my nails, I quite like the subtle look.

I only used two coats this time as opposed to my usual three and that was perfectly fine to reach opacity. I find the Joe Fresh Style formula to generally be on the watery side so the first coat often applies a bit streaky. Adding extra coats evens it off pretty well so I can't really complain about the polish being unworkable.

As I have remarked in my previous reviews, the best part is the brush. I have no idea how it works but there is always minimal to no clean-up! I don't know if it's the particular brush shape or what because it honestly doesn't look like anything special. In fact, the hairs seem pretty cheap and occasionally cause streaking (easily fixed with another coat of polish).

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