July 9, 2010

Got 2B Guardian Angel 475°F Heat Protect 'n Blow Out

Although I blow dry my hair everyday, I have to admit that it only recently occurred to me that I should be using some sort of heat protectant (I know, I know... bad Alison!). So I was excited to find exactly what I was looking for at London Drugs the other day - and on sale too!

Got 2B Guardian Angel 475°F Heat Protect 'n Blow Out is a Blow Dry Lotion + Gloss Finishing spray aimed at protecting hair from heat and providing styling support. You should use this if "your constant blow drying has left your hair dull, damaged and fried" (which mine definitely was).

After towel drying my hair, I spray this on all over before blow drying. It's recommended to spray from 20-25 cm away, kind of like hairspray. The product has a distinct fragrance that some people might not like, but it does dissipate quickly and doesn't seem to leave my hair smelling weird.

Since I started using this product, I've noticed a considerable difference in the quality of my hair pre-spray and post-spray. Before, my hair (especially the ends) often felt super dry and brittle. Now, it actually feels silky smooth and is much less frizzy. I also like how my hair seems shinier than usual.

If you're looking for an affordable heat protectant, I definitely recommend trying this out. And if you're not a chronic blow dryer like myself, the Got 2B Guardian Angel line also features sprays specifically for flat ironing and curling

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