May 25, 2010

Oregon Coast

For May Long Weekend, my bf and I decided to go camping along the Oregon coast as neither of us have been there before. Plus I have been dying to try my hand at this "nature" business since anyone who knows me will probably tell you I'm the least outdoors-y person ever.

The Oregon Coast Scenic Byway adds an extra 2 hours to the trip (versus taking the I-5) but it's totally worth it. We stopped in Cannon Beach, which is a cute like seaside town, and there are plenty of lookout points along the way.

Our final destination was the Jessie M. Honeyman State Park, where I somehow miraculously survived two days in the "wilderness." Given the fact that my blog is mostly about makeup, I'm going to admit right now that I actually didn't wear makeup most of the time I was there (crazy, I know!) Not to mention the fact that all fashion rules got thrown out the window in order to stay warm. Perhaps you could call my look "hobo chic"?

HAHA. Anyway, despite all the dirt and bugs, I still had a good time. I'd love to go back again and with only an 8-10 hour drive from Vancouver, it definitely makes for a quick and easy getaway.


  1. The camping trip looked like it was a lot of fun! And those rock formations by the beach look amazing!

  2. I love the photos... and the camping chair. Glad you brought layers, haha

  3. YOU ARE SO CUTE! Great photos, and I love the hobochic look. Looks like you two had a great time. xoxo

  4. camping sounds like it was fun! I am looking into fun spots to check out without having to drive for too long and Cannon Beach is only about 4 hours from Seattle! I'll have to try to fit this in some time. :)

    Looks & sounds like you had a lot of fun. Love the hobo chic look too. haha!

  5. @bubbleness,
    It's actually called Haystack Rock and apparently what Cannon Beach is most famous for! Naturally, had to take a bunch of photos of the rocks, haha.

    You should definitely go! It was raining when we went but I imagine if when it's warmer and sunnier that the beach is the place to go when you're there.

  6. oh my god, woman, why are you so cute!
    love this camping look. you are an urbanite to the core.

  7. Your Jetta needs better wheels


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