May 13, 2010

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Water Light Daily Face Sunscreen

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Water Light Daily Face SunscreenSunscreen is so so important to maintaining healthy skin - especially delicate facial skin. I've been on the hunt for a good face sunscreen for ages but haven't been satisfied with the pickings thus far. In fact, many products claiming to be "non-comodegenic" and "oil-free" have caused breakouts or resulted in greasy-looking skin. Yuck!

Enter: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Water Light Daily Face Sunscreen, a new product which was recently released in North America just in time for summer. (Note: it's called Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunblock in the US). The product is marketed as being waterproof, sweatproof, non-comodegenic, oil- and PABA-free.

Unlike Neutrogena's other facial sunscreen, Dry Touch, Ultra Sheer is what the Japanese refer to as "milky" sunscreen (think Kanebo, Sofina, etc.) This means that the sunscreen has a super liquid-y consistency rather than a "creamy" consistency. It applies almost like water and spreads so evenly that you can't even feel it!

Aesthetics-wise, the bottle is quite small (40 mL) and is perfect for throwing into your purse on-the-go. Once the cover is off, the bottle's top looks like an eye dropper and you can hear the bead inside that helps mix the liquid before application (you have to shake the bottle before use).

It's important to note that a little bit goes a long way! There is also a light fragrance (typical of Neutrogena's other suncare products) which might bother some of those more sensitive to smell. For me, it's not too strong to be unbearable.

I've been using this sunscreen over the past few weeks to properly test it out and so far, the results have been phenomenal! No greasy-looking skin and no breakouts! In fact, Ultra Sheer makes the perfect primer since it dries quickly with a more matte finish (Neutrogena's dry-touch technology). At only $16.99 from Shopper's Drug Mart (compared to pricier Japanese sunscreens), this product is definitely a must-have.


  1. Because I'm so fair (literally jellyfish complexion) I use spf 60 every day of the year, rain or shine, snow or heat. I loooove this one, it's light, and not at all oily. Good recommendation. The other high spf suncreen I consider as a must have is Aveeno, and because of Aveeno's dedication to organic and natural ingredients, it's a feel good buy.

  2. Good to know, good to know..

    Also miss you, let's catch up soon!

  3. I just bought this yesterday (thanks to your review)! I can't wait to try it. I bought it in spf 70 and it was around $12 here. I need to get a new moisturizer though before I try this. ><

  4. This is so great to know that it works like a primer!! Can't wait to get some and try it!
    I love anything Neutrogena sunscreen ultra sheer!!



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