April 7, 2010

OPI Alice In Wonderland: Absolutely Alice

OPI Absolutely AliceYou can tell I have final exams/papers in a few weeks because I have been spending more time painting my nails than focusing on school. How convenient that I decided to start a blog to provide myself with endless distractions...

Anyway, back to the OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection, as I had planned (see my first review here)! This time I decided to try one of the glitters, Absolutely Alice. AA features a clear base with blue and silver glitter that once on, make your nails sparkle like crazy. It's quite distracting, actually! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get an accurate photo of my nails even though I tried different kinds of lighting and camera settings. I guess it's just one of those polishes you have to see in person.

As with all glitters, you need quite a few coats to reach opacity. Other nail bloggers have said 3 coats worked for them but I needed more (like 4-5 coats). I think this is because I started painting on the coats really thin so hardly any glitter came out. Once I figured out that I needed to paint thicker, the application process became much faster! The final result is quite grainy so going over with a top coat is necessary to smoothen it out (I used Seche Vite).

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  1. Love the color but hate putting on tons and tons of coats. I had my eye on this color for a minute..maybe I should try it out..


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