April 30, 2010

Joe Fresh Style Powder Blue

Joe Fresh Style Powder BlueI decided to test out some more of the new Joe Fresh Style nail polish that I was excitedly blogging about last week (here). This time I picked up the light blue shade, which is aptly named Powder Blue.

The application on this one was a little different from "Butter" (the shade I used last time). It was super streaky and I needed to really lay on thick coats to achieve a more even look. So annoying! On the plus side, it does seem like the brush quality in these polishes is consistent. There was hardly any spillover onto the skin around my nails.

However, although I was initially looking forward to trying this polish, once it was on I was a little less impressed. For some reason it was darker and not as "cute" as I was hoping. I did try and "jazz" it up a bit with some 3D nail art from Haute Nails but to be honest, it was still underwhelming! Maybe I am just not a baby blue person because I do think this shade could definitely work for other people.


  1. It's a cute mani!
    I'm struggling with my Seche Vite causing shrinkage. I put Joe "Grape" on last night and was thrilled with it, but this morning it looked like I had three day tip-wear. :( I have to get some Seche Restore to even out my bottle.

  2. pastels can look underwhelming on a lot of people, especially people with my colouring. if you were a bit darker, the blue would really pop. however, the nail art definitely adds to the look. i went to superstore yesterday but they were out of the 2 colours i wanted :(. time to check other ones :p



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