April 19, 2010

Joe Fresh Style Nail Polish

(L-R: Butter, Powder Blue, Petal, Faded Violet)

As many Canadian fashionistas already know, Joe Fresh Style is one of the most affordable local brands out there. The line, which was started by Joe Mimran of Club Monaco fame, provides stylish clothing and accessories at very reasonable prices. I've been a huge fan of Joe Fresh Style since the beginning and now, they've introduced a line of nail polish! I swear, this is seriously not helping my addiction!

I'm assuming these can be found at any Loblaws or Superstore where the Joe Fresh line is sold for only $4 a bottle or 3 for $10. Many thanks to my friend Sara for picking up these bottles for me while I was locked away studying for exams! You'll probably notice that I only chose pastel colours but there are actually 18 shades in the core line + whatever seasonal shades they come out with. Wide variety too, from metallics to sheers and everything in between!

Joe Fresh Style ButterAnyway, since my blog has quickly become overrun by nail polish posts (painting my nails is the quickest distraction when I'm supposed to be focused on school), I figured I'd review my first try of the Joe Fresh Style Nail Polish, a lemon-y yellow shade called Butter. Can I just say that this is one of the most unique shades currently available? Most of the other yellows I've seen have been much brighter and nowhere near the muted level of Butter. Love it!!

There are also some interesting things to note about the application process. In order to reach opacity I did three relatively thick coats. The polish got a little bubbly but that was easily smoothed over by my Seche Vite top coat. The best part about the polish (aside from the colour) was suprisingly the brush! I'm a huge fan of OPI's wide brushes but the Joe Fresh brush was also really easy to use (and I can't pinpoint the exact reason why). I had absolutely no problems with nail polish getting on the skin around my nails or even my cuticles. There was literally no cleanup! Miracle or what? I have no idea... I'll have to try out the other polishes to see if this holds true for the entire line or if I was just having a good nail polish day.


  1. ooh can't wait to try these out! are those the only colours available? i'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll release a pastel-y mint green because i've been looking for a cheap one for a while!


  2. These look so cute and promising! I don't own any pastel nail polish shades and I've been meaning to try some, so these ones would be great for me to try, especially since the brush seems to be good. :)

  3. I am off to Joe Fresh to get that Butter nailpolish,, love it! I love pastels for Spring!!

  4. These are gorgeous shades :')

  5. @Dani,
    There is a mint green!! It's called "Mint" - how fitting! I just didn't get it because I already have Essie Mint Candy Apple. I think there are 18 core shades in the collection plus some other seasonal shades.


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